The Long Road to Israel’s Very Good Month

The Jewish state has become too valuable to the Arab world to be treated as a pariah.

Not since May 1948, when both the U.S. and the Soviet Union recognized the state of Israel in the critical weeks of its war for independence, has Israel had a diplomatic month like this. On Aug. 13, the United Arab Emirates and Israel signed an agreement to normalize relations, with the formal ceremony to be held Tuesday in Washington with President Trump. On Sept. 11, Bahrain followed suit. The Palestinian Authority, holding the rotating chair of the Arab League, introduced a resolution condemning the U.A.E. move at a Zoom session of Arab foreign ministers, but in a shocking departure from past practice, the motion failed to pass. On Sept. 13 another Arab nation, Oman, issued a statement of support for Bahrain’s decision to normalize relations.

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CEAS Press Release - Do Not Withdraw From Multinational Operations

The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies from Belgrade (CEAS) expresses concern over the announcement that there is a possibility that the recent decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, to freeze all military exercises and activities with all partners for the next six months, will extend to the participation of Serbian forces in “peacekeeping missions". The possibility of such a decision, that was announced to the public by the Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, who also advocates it professionally, would be detrimental to our country on many levels.

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