CEAS announcement - When the 2019 Serbia is calling – Support to the Serb List is support to a common European Future

Announcement of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies from Belgrade regarding the early elections in Kosovo and Metohija

The invitation of the official Belgrade, in the process of European integration and strengthening relations with the political West, to vote for the Serb list in yesterday's elections in Kosovo and Metohija (KiM)  was not a call to vote for a monster, or hate speech, but a call to vote for a common European perspective. 

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NATO co-funded demining facility re-opens in Serbia

On Wednesday (25 September 2019), dozens of officials from Serbia, donor countries and NATO gathered in the Serbian town of Kragujevac to mark the reopening and expansion of the country’s main demining facility. The refurbished facility will help speed up the destruction of around 1,300 tons of old bullets, mortars, rockets and missiles from Serbian stockpiles, making Serbia and the region safer.

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Ben Hodges: Georgia Should Be in NATO Today (Interview)

We shouldn’t allow Russia to define Georgia – said Lt. General Ben Hodges, former Commanding General of the US Armed Forces while in Europe at the 5th Tbilisi International Conference jointly organized by the McCain Institute and the Economic Policy Research Center.

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