Russia Stirs Friction in Balkans, as NATO Keeps an Uneasy Peace

ZVECAN, Kosovo — In the densely forested mountains along the contested frontier between Serbia and Kosovo, a patrol of American soldiers under NATO command trudged through snow and mud, keeping an eye out for smugglers or anyone else trying to cross the border. Given the bloody legacy of this area, the situation is quiet now, at least up here.

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Der Milliardär und die Hetzer

Rechte Regierungen in Osteuropa haben einen neuen Staatsfeind: den Milliardär George Soros. Weil er Bürgerrechtsorganisationen unterstützt, wird er massiv antisemitisch angefeindet.

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The twilight of the liberal world order


In recent years, the liberal world order that has held sway over international affairs for the past seven decades has been fragmenting under the pressure of systemic economic stresses, growing tribalism and nationalism, and a general loss of confidence in established international and national institutions. The incoming U.S. administration faces a grave challenge in determining whether it wishes to continue to uphold this liberal order, which has helped to maintain a stable international system in the face of challenges from regional powers and other potential threats, or whether it is willing to accept the consequences that may result if it chooses to abandon America’s key role as a guarantor of the system it helped to found and sustain.

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