The End of Scandinavian Non-Alignment

Massive NATO exercises in Norway this fall will include forces from two key non-NATO countries: Sweden and Finland. With no time to waste, Scandinavia is finally breaking fully with the Cold-War era doctrine of neutrality, and embracing a more prudent and proactive defense policy.

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Unrelenting Threats and Smearing Campaign Against CEAS Director Ms. Jelena Milic

Dear Colleagues,

The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies from Belgrade, Serbia (CEAS) would like to bring to your attention the latest examples of threats and a smearing campaign against CEAS and in particular its director Ms. Jelena Milić brought by Vojislav Šešelj, convicted war criminal and Jugoslav Petrušić, a mercenary from the Milosevic era and currently on trial for assassination of two Kosovo Albanians in 1999, among other obscure things he has been involved in. Both of these characters are vehemently denying genocide in Srebrenica and relativizing Serbian armed forces’ crimes during the war in Kosovo.

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University Debates workshop – “Europe, whereto?”

MESA10, in cooperation with its partner, Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade (CEAS), launched the continuation of the project of innovative online debates between the university students from Serbia, Moldova, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovakia “Strengthening Democratic Values Among Youth”.

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