Trump’s generals are trying to save the world. Starting with the White House.

The president has handed huge power to a group of military officers, and they’re out to solve two big problems: Obama’s policies, and their boss.

By the end of last week, even President Donald Trump had apparently had enough of the self-inflicted chaos swirling around his White House. And the person he turned to to fix it — instinctively, it seems — was a retired Marine Corps general.

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A house divided

Some Europeans are cool to new U.S. sanctions on Russia. They shouldn’t be.

It’s not just Russia protesting against the latest round of American sanctions and expelling hundreds of embassy workers in Moscow and elsewhere. Germany’s foreign minister and Austria’s chancellor issued a joint statement saying the sanctions damaged Western unity on Ukraine. And on 16 July, German ex-diplomat and power broker Wolfgang Ischinger wrote in the Wall Street Journal that they would “compromise European energy security and damage U.S. relations with Europe” to the benefit of Russia.

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Hoyt Brian Yee: Russia’s interference to concern everyone

WASHINGTON – Every democracy should be concerned about Russian interference in Montenegro’s internal affairs, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee said, adding that his country would remain cautious in that regard.

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CEAS announcement - Dialogue on Kosovo is long overdue for Serbia

The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) from Belgrade in principle welcomes the invitation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić for a more intensive dialogue on Kosovo. The point is after all that Serbia symbolized by Vučić finally joins the dialogue about Kosovo in a responsible and fact-established way, together with all those who have for all these years talked with Kosovo and about Kosovo -  a group of professional and consistent civil society organizations dealing with human rights, transitional justice and foreign and security policy of Serbia, prominent journalists and commentators and some politicians of socio-political orientation.

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