How Russia Bought Itself a NATO Country

No, it’s not what you think. 

Croatia is a small country in southeastern Europe, at the westernmost end of the Balkans. Its GDP is about half of Mr Bezos’ total worth, and apart from a beautiful coastline, it has no natural resources to speak of.

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The Strategy and Tactics of the Pro-Kremlin Disinformation Campaign


East Stratcom was established in 2015 to “address Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns”, through (i) more effective communication and promotion of policies towards the Eastern Neighbourhood, (ii) a strengthened media environment in the region, and (iii) an improved capacity to forecast, address and respond to disinformation. Since then the EU itself has faced many of the same communications challenges as its Eastern Neighbourhood: Member States can also be surprised and caught off guard by the disinformation methods used, and increasingly contact East Stratcom for advice and best practice.

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