Denne mand er i gang med at vende Vesten ryggen. Hvis man vil forstå Kinas spil i Europa, skal man kigge mod Serbien

DER VAR IKKE MEGET AT FEJRE for dem, der kerer sig om Serbiens demokrati, ved landets præsidentvalg i sidste weekend. Store dele af oppositionen boykottede valget, og kun lidt over 45 procent af de stemmeberettigede satte et kryds. For Aleksandar Vucic, partiformand for højrepopulistiske SNS og præsident siden 2017, var der derimod masser at fejre. Han fik tilslutning fra 63,4 procent af de vælgere, der mødte op, og styrkede dermed sin magt i den østeuropæiske nation. Tæller man Vucics støtter med, sidder den serbiske regering nu på ikke færre end 221 ud af 250 sæder i parlamentet, og iagttagere af serbisk politik, blandt andre politologen Srdjan Majstorovic, advarer om, at landet er ved at blive en ét-parti-stat.

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Why NATO needs a new Strategic Concept

“Where the Washington Treaty leaves open the balance between global and regional tasks, the Strategic Concept must specifically interpret geopolitical circumstances. What are the threats and what are the military implications? These are the two basic and essential questions the Strategic Concept must answer”

Jens Ringsmose and Sten Rynning

By no later than 2030 NATO must be demonstrably able to fight and thus deter a high-end world war AND support front-line Allies to Europe’s south dealing with the consequences of potentially catastrophic collapse across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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MOSCOW WILL ACCEPT A SOLUTION FOR KOSOVO ONLY IF IT SUITS BELGRADE’S INTERESTS: This is the message of the Russian and Serbian foreign ministers *

*Note: Internal CEAS translation of the joint article by Ivica Dacic and Segej Lavrov Foreign Ministers of Serbia and Russian Federation

In the last several months, the EU and the US have been very active in promoting the resumption of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. We certainly support resolving the dispute with political methods, but we believe that the negotiations should be based on the principle that previously reached agreements must be implemented in good faith.

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Three billboards in Belgrade, Serbia

An open letter to the editors of the Associated Press regarding the text “Serbia’s opposition to boycott vote held during pandemic”

by Jelena Milić

Dear editors of the Associated Press,
I am writing to you with sincere concern to inform you that your branch covering my homeland has also contracted the virus of problematic reporting. I feel free to write to you publicly because I have plenty of personal and professional experience regarding disinformation and defamation campaigns. In addition to Bill Browder, I am one of the protagonists of the book “Putin's Trolls” written by the Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro. Her case involving the prize she was awarded by the State Department, which was revoked due to her criticism of President Trump on Twitter, is still being widely debated in the United States.

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