Germany should lead the way towards NATO’s New European Pillar

The Alliance should use the reflection process to develop a new European pillar in NATO, in order to re-calibrate the relative weight of European and American commitments to the Alliance, both in terms of resources and decision making.

By Anna Wieslander

The new NATO European Defense Pillar

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THE RIGHT STUFF - Serbia’s Relations With the United States on the Mend

Authors: Jelena Milic, LTG (Ret.) Frederick Benjamin Hodges

Prospects for stability and security in the Western Balkans have improved in recent years, despite decades of conflict, historical grievances, economic stagnation, and the disruptive interference of the Kremlin. The West should encourage this trend by exerting more strongly its positive soft power — especially the attractiveness of its democratic values — rather than lecturing Serbia and other countries in the region about their shortcomings.

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In Latest Post-Impeachment Move, Trump Administration Shifts a Loyalist to the State Department

Political appointee Alexander Alden will take over a role in a bureau caught in the middle of Trump’s impeachment and trial.

Alexander Alden, a political appointee under U.S. President Donald Trump, is being moved from the White House to the State Department to manage relations with Europe, including issues related to China and the coronavirus, according to current and former officials familiar with the matter.

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‘Coronavirus Diplomacy’ Won’t Change Serbia’s Path

Author: Aleksandar Vucic

Despite accepting aid from China to fight the coronavirus, the president of Serbia writes that his country is committed to a pro-Western foreign policy.

SINCE THE CORONAVIRUS pandemic was declared, China, Europe, and the United States have provided assistance to many countries around the world as part of their "coronavirus diplomacy." But some of these countries, such as Serbia, have been unfairly questioned over their willingness to request and receive support from a variety of partners.

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