Statement regarding police operation throughout Kosovo

MAY 28, 2019 Concerning the current situation, KFOR informs that Kosovo Police is conducting a police operation throughout Kosovo, following arrest warrants issued by Pristina Court in relation to an investigation on corruption. KFOR confirms that this is only a police operation and no Kosovo Security Force or any other military force has been deployed to the North of Kosovo.
Because of the political sensitivity of the moment, Commander KFOR invites all the parties to deal with the disputes peacefully and responsibly, without any use of force or violence. People should stay calm, they have nothing to fear.
KFOR continues monitoring the situation and is ready to intervene, if requested as third responder, in order to guarantee security for all communities in accordance with its mandate under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

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CEAS announcement: Unequal treatment of CEAS by judicial bodies and public institutions – the case of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies and its Director Jelena Milić

The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) is hereby expressing serious concerns regarding the failure of prosecutors’ offices and police to act on the received requests to bring criminal charges, submitted by CEAS and/or CEAS Director Jelena Milić back in 2015, for criminal offenses that include: violent behavior, threat to personal safety, racial and other discrimination.

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Pismo predsedniku Međunarodnog rezidualnog mehanizma za krivične sudove

Poštovani predsedniče, sudijo Ađijus,

Mi, nevladine organizacije za ljudska prava, smatramo da nijedan osuđenik za ratne zločine, zločine protiv čovečnosti i genocid ne bi  trebalo da bude prevremeno pušten na slobodu ukoliko se nije javno obratio porodicama žrtava sa izjavom iskrenog žaljenja i iskazao spremnost da pomogne u otkrivanju počinilaca konkretnih zločina i otkrivanju masovnih grobnica.

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Pristina, 22 May 2019

Foggo meets with Mr. Rrustem Berisha, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama

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