Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) from Belgrade presents its new analysis FROM MOSCOW WITHOUT LOVE - on the occasion of 16th anniversary of the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, 20th anniversary of NATO bombing of Former Republic of Yugoslavia and 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO – the Kremlin structures against Djindjic’s dream of Serbia.


CEAS announcement: On the occasion of the visit of the Minister of Defense of the United States in the process of developing a draft National Strategy for Combating Terrorism and National Security Strategy

Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) welcomes the participation of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, on behalf of the Government of Serbia at the Ministerial Meeting of the Global coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS), which was held on March 22nd 2017 in Washington, DC, USA. At a meeting chaired by Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, there was a discussion about the key efforts of the Coalition for the fight against ISIS, including armed intervention, the fight against the recruitment of foreign fighters, funding the fight against terrorism and the stabilization of the liberated areas. The meeting was attended by representatives of 68 member countries of the Global Coalition.

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Think tank slams Mogherini for not taking Russian disinformation seriously

Center for Euro-Atlantic studies is one of the signatories of the open letter

A Czech think tank has slammed EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini for spending two years avoiding taking the Russian disinformation threat seriously. The appeal has been signed by high-profile personalities such as Russia’s Gary Kasparov and a former president of Estonia.

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Open Letter of European security experts to Federica Mogherini: Please start taking the Russian disinformation threat seriously!

The aggressive actions of the Kremlin are unprecedented in the modern era. Invasion of neighbouring countries, massive bombings and killings of civilians, and the first annexation of a foreign land by force in Europe since World War II, constant violations of other states’ borders, kidnapping foreign citizens, harassment of foreign diplomats, or massive cyber attacks are all in Russia’s current regime toolkit.

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EWB Interview, Cesare Marinelli, NATO MLO Belgrade: NATO-Serbia cooperation is not slowing down

Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli graduated from the Scientific Lycée. He holds a degree in Strategic Sciences from Turin's University, a degree in Political Sciences (International Relations) from Trieste’s University and a 2nd level Master in Strategic Sciences from Turin’s University. Since 3 February 2016 Brigadier General Marinelli has become the Chief of NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade.

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