CEAS announcement regarding Dissemination of hate speech against Albanians in the region


The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) welcomes all measures that the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its competent bodies are undertaking for the purpose of preventing and stopping the smuggling of weapons and committing possible terrorist and other violent criminal acts which can threaten the lives and general wellbeing of Serbian citizens. The CEAS supports all regional and global institutional activities in which Serbia participates in a transparent manner, especially activities sharing the same purpose as and involving the EU, UN and NATO.

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John McCain: Why We Must Support Human Rights

Washington, D.C. — SOME years ago, I heard Natan Sharansky, the human rights icon, recount how he and his fellow refuseniks in the Soviet Union took renewed courage from statements made on their behalf by President Ronald Reagan. Word had reached the gulag that the leader of the most powerful nation on earth had spoken in defense of their right to self-determination. America, personified by its president, gave them hope, and hope is a powerful defense against oppression.

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West Side Story in Serbia

Member of Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies Advisory Board, Vesko Garcevic text on Serbia, EU and Russia for the EastWest Magazine