The Dark Side of the Moon - New CEAS Analysis

Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) has released a mini-analysis entitled THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON about our mentions in the media Danas, N1, Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle and Voice of America, in the period between the publication of the “West Side Story” report in June 2018 and mid-February 2020.

 The "West Side Story" is a report in which we suggested that a correction of the administrative line between Belgrade and Pristina could be an element of a comprehensive multidimensional agreement that would anchor both sides more strongly in the political West, and in which we pointed out to attitudes of Kosovo society and its leaders in terms of punishment for war crimes committed against Serbs and other non-Albanians.

 The main finding of this analysis is that CEAS's mentions in the media Danas, N1, Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle and to certain extent Voice of America, have declined significantly since the publication of this report.

 CEAS estimates that the drop in mentions in the said media, and in particular on the RFE, would have been even more severe had it not been for the #BelgradeNATOweek international conferences and the high profile of speakers participating in them, as well as the importance of the topics discussed. The fact that CEAS was the organizer of these events is hardly even referred to in the media coverage.

 In its mini-analysis THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, CEAS also states its assessment that some editorial offices of the Western public services or government media reporting on Serbia are acting de facto as local opposition media. This primarily refers to the DW and RFE services in Serbian.

 CEAS continues to believe that a compromise nonpartisan approach to formalizing relations between Belgrade and Pristina, which would take into consideration all the circumstances of the 1998/99 conflict and the attitudes towards the war criminal history in both Belgrade and Pristina on the one hand, and the current geopolitical conditions on the other, as well as ensure that both sides are strongly anchored in the political West - is the only proper way to reach a sustainable solution for this special case, that cannot and should not represent a precedent for any other open issue in the world. A compromise solution to Belgrade-Pristina relations that would allow the re-establishment of an alliance between Serbia and the United States (US), regardless of which administration holds power in Washington, is beneficial not only to Serbia, but also to Kosovo, the Western Balkans, Southeast Europe, EU, NATO and the US and their partners.

 CEAS hopes that this mini-analysis will contribute to a more objective debate on the media scene in Serbia. We apologize in advance if any of the data on our representation in the aforementioned media does not match the facts. Any evidence to the contrary will be published immediately.

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