Guide through information security in the Republic of Serbia


The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies presents the Guide through information security in the Republic of Serbia, published within the project Serbia moving forward: Mapping the legal and policy cybersecurity framework, supported by the OSCE Mission to Serbia. The aim of the Guide is to indicate the obligations stemming from Serbia's membership and participation in international bodies and organizations, as well as the opportunities this membership provides for policy and capacity development in this field. The Guide covers the current normative framework, strategies, principles and recommendations of actors such as the European Union, NATO, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and United Nations.

The Guide also provides basic guidelines for further steps in the process of comprehensive regulation of the field of cybersecurity in Serbia, such as developing a Cybersecurity Strategy, as well as pending bylaws regulating the fields covered by the Law in more detail. The Guide is therefore intended for decision-makers, that is, representatives of relevant state institutions, supporting the efforts directed towards regulation of the field of cybersecurity in Serbia, as well as representatives of the private sector, academic community and civil society interested in this topic.

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