Kosovo First - Analysis of the draft of the Defense Strategy of the Republic of Serbia

Executive Summary

The new strategic documents of the Republic of Serbia are being considered and adopted in an especially dynamic period of global security and policy trends. At the same time, the Republic of Serbia is facing many unusually high internal challenges, from the requirement to reform its judiciary to the need to normalize its relations with Kosovo. Both internal and external circumstances are objectively complicating the adoption of well-articulated strategic and security documents of a relatively small country in a relatively uncertain processes of European integration and negotiations with Pristina, in which it is actually dealing with the international community. The two reports – the analysis of the Draft National Security Strategy and of the Draft Defense Strategy – under a common title Kosovo First, also share the structure – they open with the analysis of the political and detailed normative context, followed by the qualitative analysis of the new drafts, their comparative analysis with the current legal framework, and ending with conclusions and recommendations.