Promoting Democratic Values Among Youth – Student Debates 2016/2017- Key Findings of the Survey

In 2017, MESA10 from Bratislava, Slovakia and CEAS from Belgrade, Serbia jointly implemented fourth round of Student debates, a project supported by National Endowment for democracy from USA. We continued to work with two universities from Serbia (the University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad) and two from Slovakia (Comenius University of Bratislava and Matej Bel University of Banska Bystrica) as partners for the project. The project expanded to include a university from:Bosnia and Herzegovina (International University of Sarajevo), from Montenegro (University of Montenegro) and from Moldova (Academy of Economic Studies of Chisinau).

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Guide through information security in the Republic of Serbia


The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies presents the Guide through information security in the Republic of Serbia, published within the project Serbia moving forward: Mapping the legal and policy cybersecurity framework, supported by the OSCE Mission to Serbia. The aim of the Guide is to indicate the obligations stemming from Serbia's membership and participation in international bodies and organizations, as well as the opportunities this membership provides for policy and capacity development in this field. The Guide covers the current normative framework, strategies, principles and recommendations of actors such as the European Union, NATO, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and United Nations.

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2016 Debates of University Students from Serbia and Slovakia Strengthening Debating Skills and Promoting Democratic Values among Youth

In 2015, the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) and its partner, M.E.S.A. 10, continued the implementation of a project of innovative online debates between university students from Serbia and Slovakia. The project aims at promoting democratic values, strengthening debating skills and encouraging independent and critical thinking among university students in both Serbia and Slovakia. In cooperation with two universities from Serbia and two from Slovakia, two series of lectures and two debate tournaments on Euro-Atlantic integration, with a special emphasis on NATO, were organized.

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The goal of this study is to present to the Serbian public the various levels of international relations, in which Moscow is undoubtedly an indispensable player in solving the most pressing global and regional problems and challenges, and on this basis, to encourage debate on whether Russia is a necessary or advantageous partner. Our intention is to analyze the objectives, methods, and effects of Russian soft power in the Western Balkans and Serbia, and based on these findings, to assess whether they are in accordance with what CEAS considers to be in the public interest of the State of Serbia, that being: stabilization, democratization, economic prosperity, and Euro-Atlantic integration. 

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Širom zatvorenih očiju: Jačanje ruske meke moći u Srbiji - ciljevi, instrumenti i efekti


Centar za evroatlantske studije iz Beograda (CEAS) ima zadovoljstvo da Vam predstavi završnu, integralnu verziju naše obimne studije Širom zatvorenih očiju: Jačanje ruske meke moći u Srbiji - ciljevi, instrumenti i efekti, sa zaključcima i preporukama koji su izvedeni na osnovu naše procene rezultata vanrednih parlamentarnih izbora u Srbiji u aprilu 2016. 
Odlučili smo se da finalnu verziju Studije objavimo sa zakašnjenjem smatrajući da su rezultati izbora odličan kontrolni mehanizam za proveru naših nalaza.

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