The Islamic State: Understanding What It Is, How it Started, and What It Could Threaten

CEAS intern Savely Zakharenko, a 2nd year college student from Duke University in the United States, has written about the Islamic State (ISIS), a newly formed and powerful insurgency currently sweeping through wide expanses of territory throughout Iraq and Syria. Though still a new, unpredictable power, the extremist Sunni insurgency, now a declared Caliphate, has significantly worried the West, especially the United States, who had just recently finished their military withdrawal from Iraq, and leaders throughout the Middle East.

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Extreme makeover

CEAS plan for improvement of the state of the security system in Serbia with special focus on protection of constitutionally guaranteed human rights: right to privacy and personal data protection, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy from Washington, USA.

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The New Century, No. 7, May 2014

 Quarterly of Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies


The New Century No 07

The New Century, 
No. 7, May 2014

In this issue you can find:

- Foreword by Jelena Milić, CEAS Director, “Putin’s Orchestra”;
- Arguments presented by the US Department of State and NATO:
US Department of State, “President Putin’s Fiction: 10 False Claims About Ukraine”;
US Department of State, “Russian Fiction the Sequel: 10 More False Claims About Ukraine”;
NATO, “Russia’s accusations – setting the record straight”;
- Paper by Tamara Spaić, “Judiciary reform, or how to make the Serbian judiciary worthy”;
- Paper by Tijana Vojinović, CEAS Researcher, "Normativization of the Private Security Sector - Where we are and what next";
- Transcripts of speeches by state institution representatives at the CEAS closing conference “Engage in the global debate about the balance between security and privacy”
Speech by Saša Janković, Ombudsman;
Speech by Aleksandar Resanović, Deputy Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection;
- Paper by Jasminka Simić, PhD, “The European Union and the United States of America – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”;
- Paper by Ilian Vassilev, “South East Europe in the eye of the post Ukrainian tempest – The political economy of energy dependence”;
- Paper by Haki Abazi and Dahlia Scheindlin, “Crimea is not Kosovo”;
- Paper by Tibor Moldvai, CEAS Project Coordinator, “Maybe we do not like West, but we would like to live there
- Paper by Irina Rizmal, CEAS Researcher, originally published by the Center for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) from Slovakia, “What Financial Crisis? It is Business as Usual in the Security and Defence Sector”;
- Paper by Nicu Popescu, originally published by the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), “After Crimea: Putin's Balance Sheet”;
- Paper by Ivan Krastev, originally published by Project Syndicate, “Putin’s World”;
- Paper by Gerald Knaus, originally published by the European Stability Initiative, “Why they look West – Ukraine, poverty and the EU”;
- Paper by Ricardo Hausmann, originally published by Project Syndicate, “Why Are Rich Countries Democratic?”.