CEAS round table "Public Procurement of Private Security Sector Services" held

Belgrade, 2.9.2013.


The second round table which the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies organizes in partnership with the Association for Private Security of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce within the project “Regulated Private Security Sector – Safer Life of Citizens” was held today at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The focus of this round table was regulating the private security sector – public procurement of private security sector services. The criteria by which procurers of services acquire private security services - the lowest offered price and the economically most advantageous offer were discussed in detail.

Jelena Milić, CEAS Director, emphasized that the topic of the round table ”Public Procurement of Private Security Sector Services”, has both economic and security implications. She also highlighted that the issue of an unregulated private security sector and the process of public procurement of its services will have implications for the process of Serbia’s European integration as well, given the fact that, despite the inexistence of common binding regulation in this field, it impedes, in various ways, upon other fields of social life, for which there is common legislation or recommendations in the EU.


Except for CEAS representatives, today’s round tables saw panelists: Dragiša Jovanović, Commission for Public-Private Partnership in the Security Sector in Serbia President; Đorđe Vučinić, Securitas Services d.o.o. Director; Ninoslav Janjić from WLS Electronic d.o.o.; Aleksandar Kozlica, G4S Secure solutions d.o.o. Director and Gabrijela Bačić, PUC Belgrade City Markets Director. The participation of representative of civil society organizations was also noticed, as well as representatives of the Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies of the Serbian Government, public enterprises, Office of the National Security and Classified Information Protection, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense and the Military Security Agency, the Ombudsman’s Office, as well as representatives of the Royal Swedish Embassy and the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Along with them, representatives of the Coalition for the Oversight of Public Finances member organizations and over twenty representatives of different private security companies were present.

The third round table, at the end of September, will be devoted to the role of insurance companies in this field.

The project is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

Belgrade, September 2, 2013