Dossier Rudnica

Humanitarian Law Center, January 2015.

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The Dossier offers an insight into the data and evidence on four crimes committed in April and May 1999 in Kosovo by members of the Yugoslav Army (VJ) and the Ministry of the Interior (MUP), the victims of which were Kosovo Albanian civilians whose bodies were exhumed from the mass grave in Rudnica, as well as to present the evidence which points to those who participated in the operations of transporting and concealing the bodies at secret locations for 15 years.

The Document was produced on the basis of authentic military and police documents, statements given by the victims who survived the crimes, victims’ family members, forensic reports, testimonies of VJ officers and MUP officials given before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and other relevant material.

As of January 2015 the mortal remains of 52 people have been exhumed from Rudnica and identified. All persons whose bodies were found in Rudnica were civilians who had been killed or forcibly disappeared in four separate crimes committed by members of the VJ and MUP in April and May 1999 in the Drenica area.

The evidence presented in this Dossier provides sufficient grounds for launching an investigation into the alleged engagement of several persons in the execution and concealment of crimes, as well as into the location(s) where the bodies are buried of those who were killed at the same time as those whose bodies have been found in Rudnica.

You can download the Dossier here.