Transcript of a part of the interview with Danica Grujicic on the show "Corona Times" on TV Pink, broadcasted on 12 April 2020

Transcript of a part of the interview with Danica Grujičić, Neurosurgeon, Head of the Center for Neuro-oncology within the Neurosurgery Department of the Clinical Center of Serbia and Full Professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine, on the show "Corona Times" on TV Pink, broadcasted on 12 April 2020.

Irina Vukotić (presenter): Dana, in the past you often addressed this issue, including on social networks, you spoke about depleted uranium and often commented that we were potentially an experimental training ground.

Danica Grujicic: Not just in the past, we still are, we are still subjected to it because depleted uranium has a half-life of 4 and a half billion years…

Irina Vukotić: In soil and watercourses, right?

Danica Grujičić: I just have to turn once again to the heroes from Košare and to apologize to them all, because neither I nor any of us knew what heroes they really were. I was fortunate to attend a meeting at The Guard House dedicated to the year '99, and it was only then that I heard from General Lazarević that the war has actually started in '98. He explained in his speech what the military was doing and how they managed to fool NATO. NATO is, I have to say, a nefarious organization that absolutely should not exist. There is no geopolitical reason for their existence. It is an aggressive alliance, and I cannot at all understand the people trying to represents the NATO, who wherever it went caused nothing but death and misery, as a humanitarian organization. 

What did they do to us? COVID may be invisible, but pyralen is invisible too, dioxins are invisible, heavy metals are invisible, polychlorobiphenyls are invisible…

Irina Vukotić: Are they all around us?

Danica Grujičić: Of course they are. Maybe we don't have depleted uranium north of the 45th parallel, but we have chemicals, so they were waging chemical and nuclear war here. Officially, 15 tons of depleted uranium was deployed, and I am not sure whether it’s more or less, I have to go by the official data. 

Allow me to make a digression from COVID. You know we have a cancer registry, and unfortunately, the results from 2016 are still unknown, but it doesn't matter. Fortunately, we have IHIS (Integrated Health Information System), which is the only internet platform covering primary, tertiary and secondary health care institutions from Subotica to Prizren. So, on my own initiative, I asked the IT engineers, who happen to be in Macedonia, to list for me all the patients medically examined under diagnosis C in 2017 and 2018. That means the total number, since they register people by their personal identity numbers. They have no right to look up names, so they looked up how many personal identity numbers were examined. So it's not a number of check-ups, it’s a number of different people. 

There were 166,000 people in 2017, and 174,000 in 2018, and I’m still waiting for 2019, I don’t have that one yet. A person might say - so what? The difference between them is just 8,000. However, the engineer was a smart lady and she figured out what I was searching for, so she then looked into who didn't show up in 2018 out those 166,000. We know very well that cancer patients have their check-ups at least once a year. And maybe some don’t, a small number might not come for a check-up, something happened to them, people have the right to die of another disease. Turned out 50,000 were missing. 50,000! 

Let's say 10,000 got lost somewhere, but what about the remaining 40,000? And when she examined the number of the newly C-diagnosed patients (C meaning a malignant disease) that were not registered in 2017 – it was 58,000 plus. And we are still talking about the number of newly diagnosed being between 38 and 42 thousand...

Irina Vukotić: You pointed out that in that number there are also children, aged 5 to 9 years old, suffering from leukemia, which is not the case in other countries.

Danica Grujičić: That's right, and we are talking about thousands of them. Our chemists, including my colleague Professor Ljiljana Vuletić, a neurosurgeon who was the head of the Children's Department (so Dana Grujičić did not participate in this) conducted a blood test in children suffering from malignant brain tumors. After leukemia this is one of the most common childhood tumors. They compared it to blood samples taken from healthy children. Uranium, not depleted, but ordinary natural uranium was found in 10 times higher concentrations. They published these findings. 

An initiative, of which I am honored to be a member, was actually organized by Zorka Vukmirović, a Vinča Institute research associate, a fantastic woman and a true fighter, and I thank her for bringing us all together. We have requested an exact scientific analysis to be conducted, and not just mere counting, to keep track in epidemiological terms of several issues that we as clinicians have come to notice after '99. They include autoimmune diseases, sterility, chromosomal aberrations in the offsprings of those who have been exposed to both chemical and nuclear elements, and of course they include malignant diseases. And then with a great pomp the Ministry for Environment was tasked to organize this in 2018, and since then nothing happened, because there is no Government Conclusion.

Irina Vukotić: And here's what the Italian Parliamentary Commission says, that has been investigating for years the causal link between depleted uranium and the diseases of their soldiers who have been in this area. A lawyer who is handling this very professionally and zealously said that depleted uranium has caused the widespread of death and cancer and that we share the same fate. Serbian citizens are dying from the consequences of bombing with depleted uranium, just like their soldiers who were stationed in this area.

Danica Grujičić: Irina, what the public needs to know is that the Parliamentary Commission and the soldiers have proven that they have not been adequately protected by their state and that is why they won their litigations. They saw that the Americans and the Germans were going around in spacesuits in certain parts of Kosovo where they were stationed, and no one told them that they should do the same. And when it turned out that they have higher incidence of malignant diseases than they should, and a good number more than in the ordinary population, then they remembered it. I think they started doing tests up to a point.

However, what's lacking? What is lacking is scientific evidence. Serbia has an ideal chance through the Ministry of Science, which was one of the four ministries signatories, to create a national project of national importance. It should of course entail participation of all universities and various specialties - chemists and physicochemists and nuclear physicists, medical doctors and veterinarians. 

Veterinarians were the first to draw attention that something was going on because they saw a striking increase in number of anomalies among domestic animals, meaning they were the first to realize something was up. And they were the first to start posting pictures, every vet in their own area of expertise. We have a good chance here, what we lack is the Government Conclusion. I beg you, I use this opportunity to plead with the decision makers to adopt this Government Conclusion. We have elaborated the methodology, let us prove this scientifically.

What is it that we can do? One can find 200 young people who wish to do a PhD thesis on this subject. In order to defend your PhD you have to publish a paper in an international peer-reviewed journal. So you can imagine now, 200 papers on the subject - now that’s proof! It’s proof that they are villains, and that they have deliberately committed environmental genocide here. And then the state can come forward with such evidence before the whole world. Are they going to sue them, that remains to be seen.

Irina Vukotić: But we are witnessing additional evidence coming up these days. We saw what was happening within the EU. When Italy asked for help, the Germans said that if they send financial aid it would be used for the Italian mafia, and by no means they should do it. Italy, on the other hand, says that every country in Europe has an obligation to help them with the problems they are experiencing. When we think back how “merciful” and united they were in '99, and now that they are expected to show some solidarity, there is none. What do you think about this?

Danica Grujičić:(…) I am very sorry for my Italian friends. We have an excellent relationship, especially with Naples, and I am very sorry that they have suffered so badly. And as for the statement that the aid is going to be misused by mafia, what does that mean?  It means is that the Germans are Nazis, to be perfectly candid. I think that is a totally reprehensible statement.  However, if we remember what their officials were saying about the Serbian people in '99, now they are using the same language against one another. You may not love the British, but you must respect them, and they didn’t leave the European Union without a reason.

Irina Vukotić: Now it’s clear to see, right?

Danica Grujičić: Now we can see it was for a good reason. I think they have taken the coronavirus too lightly, and that is why they have such a high number of casualties. I can proudly say that they might look up to Serbia now, a country they bombed in '99, in order to create a pseudo narco state in Kosovo, because it’s absolutely the narco lobby that was behind the creation of such a state. They were backing the criminals these amazing people fought against, and won. So it was the terrorists, it was the official army of Albania and it was the NATO and they all got their buts kicked. And that is why they hate us. And that is why no NATO member should be in Serbia. They have no business being here.

Irina Vukotić: What is your opinion Dana, is this a natural or a lab-made virus? Is this a biological war as many people claim?

Danica Grujičić: Well, I think it was created in a laboratory, I say this primarily as a doctor, because it's a little unusual for some new diseases to occur. On the other hand, according to the information I have from China, it has started in a laboratory located in that region, but owned by a non-Chinese. Although, listening to a Russian army general, who is also an epidemiologist, on their television- they think that the virus was introduced by American soldiers, in a specific location where their ships were supposedly anchored.  The idea was for a virus to spread in three directions. One was to Hong Kong, the other to Shanghai and the third towards Wuhan….

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