It's perverse to seek "Russian footprint" in the Serbian riots

 Bocan-Kharchenko used his Twitter account to remind that individuals pointing finger at Russia with unfounded accusations is not that uncommon.

 "Although the CEAS's emphasis on absurd, unfounded accusations against Russia is not uncommon, it is surprising how distorted the perception of reality can be by "experts" who found a "Russian footprint” in the organization of the riots in Serbia," he wrote in his Twitter account.

 "It is very unfortunate when it appears that, rejecting all standards of professionalism and objectivity, an instigator of the propaganda of the 'Russian threat' and the spread of primitive Russophobic clichés is an organization that aspires to the role of a 'center for studies'," said the Russian diplomat.

 He added that "it is especially sad that the fabrications were recklessly supported by a number of the local media ..."

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