Čović: Russia is not behind the riots in Belgrade, the West is inciting the far-right / video /

Russia is not behind any riots in Belgrade. When the West is doing it, and this looks like it, then they usually fund the most extreme right-wing groups, in order to produce or incite such riots.

This is how former Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Nebojša Čović reacted to the writing of the "Serbian Telegraph" that "the Russian deep state is toppling Vučić behind Putin's back", in the Sputnik radio show "From one Thursday to the next".

It’s the West that’s inciting the far-right, not Russia

The writing of that daily, our interlocutor claims, is not based on facts, because, as far as he knows, the Russian Federation never had a deep state, but oligarchs who "meddled" a little in politics for their own profit, and one such example is Oleg Deripaska, who financed the independence of Montenegro.

"However, after 30 years of political career, I am absolutely certain that Russia is not behind any events in Belgrade. When the West is doing it, and this looks like it, then they usually fund the more extreme right-wing groups. Of course, they analyze the environment that was full of charge and dissatisfaction with everything that is happening to us, and not just us, but across the globe, "said Čović.

He emphasized that it is an interesting moment to spread the news about the alleged "role of Russia", because The NATO Week is being held in Belgrade right now with disappointing results - only 24% of Serbian citizens support the membership in that Alliance.

"We can add to that all their 'moles' in certain non-governmental organizations that they secretly finance. These are projects worth several tens of thousands of Euros, but I am very concerned when these people start defending Serbia. I am completely sure that all their views are non-national and unpatriotic ", explains Nebojša Čović.

Russia is a reliable partner - for Serbs 1999 will not happen again

Obviously, the COVID has started rolling huge snowballs that will create an avalanche of geopolitical, global changes in the world, but I can say with certainty that for Serbs 1999 will not happen again, said Čović.

"For me, Russia is a reliable partner and I am not in favor of the theory that the Russians are now holding us in a certain position for their own interests and that they are bigger Serbs than ourselves when it comes to Kosmet. I would translate that again into another speculation concerning transactions involving the Crimea," he said.

Our interlocutor believes that care should be taken, because the relationship between President Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vučić, and our state bodies in general, is completely transparent and honest, and that it should not be undermined and destabilized, because the times to come will require us to have sincere allies, and Serbia does not have many of them.