И ЕУ е виновна за дефектната демократија на Балканот

ДНЕВНИК Online, 24.2.2014.


Најновата студија на германската фондација „Бертелсман“ покажува дека демократијата во Југоисточна Европа, особено на Балканот, е дефектна дека владите ја злоупотребуваат својата моќ, а незадоволството на граѓаните постојано расте.

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Secretariat submits a Reasoned Opinion against Serbia on its failure to comply with gas unbundling rules

Energy Community, 24.2.2014.

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The Energy Community Secretariat has today submitted a Reasoned Opinion in Case ECS-9/13 against Serbia, for its failure to comply with gas unbundling rules. Having taken into account the Government’s reply to the Opening Letter, the Secretariat maintains its findings made therein. In the Reasoned Opinion, it reiterates its view that Serbia has failed to comply with its obligations under the Energy Community Treaty related to the unbundling of two vertically integrated gas undertakings. Serbia is now requested to rectify the identified issues of non-compliance within a time limit of two months.

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The Ambivalent Superpower

Politico Magazine, 27.2.2014.

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America and the world aren’t getting a divorce. But they’re thinking about it.

The world never really loved America as much as Americans like to think. In the Eisenhower era, to take one period now seen in rosy hues, Latin mobs pelted Vice President Richard Nixon’s motorcade with stones, shouting, “Out, dog! We won’t forget Guatemala!” Angry Japanese students protested American “imperialism,” forcing President Dwight Eisenhower to cancel a “goodwill” visit to Tokyo, and Ike spent his days wishing he could find a way to get people in other countries “to like us instead of hating us.” In the late 1960s and again in the 1980s, young Europeans took to the streets by the millions to protest American foreign policy.

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From Barricades to the Ballot Box: A Long Road for the Maidan?

CEPA, 25.2.2014.


Coming on the heels of a European-brokered deal that has seemingly stabilized the crisis in Ukraine, CEPA Senior Fellow and Contributing Editor Edward Lucas takes stock of recent developments and what they suggest about the future of the country. Lucas notes that while it would be naïve to say that Ukraine’s future looks sunny, this weekend’s developments have left it brighter than at any time for months.

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EU must immediately despatch high-level envoy to Ukraine, backed up by experienced mediators from member states, equipped with ‘situation room’

PASOS, Prag/Kyiv, 20.2.2014.

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Dear High Representative, Dear Commissioner, Dear President of the European Parliament, Dear Ministers,
In the light of the tragic events in Ukraine this week, including many deaths of Maidan protesters during assaults launched by the authorities, we call upon the EU and EU member states to use the resources and expertise of the European External Action Service and the foreign ministries of the member states to set up a situation room in Kyiv, led by a special envoy with the diplomatic mandate to negotiate with all sides in Ukraine on behalf of the EU.

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