Open letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia - Scandalous behavior of the Russian Ambassador

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Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia expresses a deep concern due to frequent inappropriate public statements of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Chepurin. We are referring to the statements that represent a direct interference into Serbia’s internal relations. It is indicative that the Ambassador intensified his public actions shortly before the first intergovernmental conference of Serbia and EU has been announced. The opening of the EU integration process puts Serbia in a geopolitical surrounding to which it belongs.

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Bulgaria: students to the rescue

Dimitar Bechev, ECFR, 20.11.2013.


Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, has probably set a world record - even if few outsiders are taking notice. The yellow cobblestones along its central boulevard have seen more than 150 consecutive days of protest. Even the autumn drizzle could not douse the anger unleashed by the government’s decision to appoint a shady media tycoon as head of the National Security Agency (DANS).

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