The Myth of Isolationist America

Joseph S. Nye, Project Syndicate, 10.2.2014.

project syndicate

CAMBRIDGE – Is the United States turning inward and becoming isolationist? That question was posed to me by a number of financial and political leaders at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos, and was heard again a few days later at the annual Munich Security Conference. In a strong speech at Davos, Secretary of State John Kerry gave an unambiguous answer: “Far from disengaging, America is proud to be more engaged than ever.” Yet the question lingered.

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Anti-Corruption report

European Commission, 3.2.2014.


Corruption continues to be a challenge for Europe - a phenomenon that costs the European economy around 120 billion euros per year. EU member countries have taken many initiatives in recent years, but the results are uneven and more should be done to prevent and punish corruption.

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European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2014

Daniel Levy, François Godement, Hans Kundnani, Kadri Liik, Mark Leonard & Richard Gowan, ECFR, 30.01.2014.


Foreign policy is back on Europe's agenda. Two high-profile foreign policy successes - on Kosovo and Iran - are a powerful illustration of how Europe can achieve remarkable results when member states and EU institutions work hand in hand. Both of those achievements are the result of a long process that began years ago. The 2014 edition of ECFR's Scorecard also shows - apart from those successes – that Europe struggled to stabilise its own neighbourhood: The crisis in Syria worsened, the EU's neighbourhood policy remained ineffective in countries such as Egypt, and Europe found itself increasingly at odds with Russia.

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Can Europe protect the Euromaidan?

Andrew Wilson, ECFR, 24.1.2014.


Events in Ukraine have taken a dramatic change for the worse. Five people were killed on Wednesday, some beaten to death, and further confrontation is likely this Sunday. NGOs have issued an emotive “last plea for help”, saying “the international community remains silent, upholding European values on paper only”, while “people are dying for them in Ukraine”.

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