Gloria and NATO*

Danas, 1.11.2013.


October 24 // Thursday
On social networks, as otherwise, I read that I was chosen for the Euro-Atlantic Person of the Year. I was declared as such by the International Institute for Security, within its activities of promoting Euro-Atlantic integrations carried out in cooperation with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division. I have never worked with the Institute before so this will be an opportunity for getting to know each other.

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The crumbling Kremlin?

The Economist, 13.11.2013.

the economist

IN THIS week’s print edition, we look at Russia’s stagnating economy. Our article focuses on current problems—including low business confidence and a strong rouble. But an NBER paper*, published on Monday, looks at Russia’s long-term economic future—and promises yet more pain.

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Not Yet a Done Deal: Kosovo and the Prishtina-Belgrade Agreement

Kurt Bassuener & Bodo Weber, DPC, November 2013


The agreement between Prishtina and Belgrade, brokered by the European Union in April 2013 opened the door to resolution of the status dispute between Serbia and Kosovo and unblocked both countries’ path toward integration in the EU. This unprecedented development was made possible by a re-ignition of a previously frozen conflict, reactive but consistent German leadership – with strong British and US support – and political change in Serbia.

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Fixing the System

Joe Nocera, The New York Times, 4.11.2013.


It’s Election Day. Virginians are electing a new governor, New Yorkers are choosing a new mayor, and all over the country, dozens of local races are being decided. Because this is an off-year election, in which there are no federal races, voter turnout is going to be abysmal. We all know that.

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Syria and the Demise of the Responsibility to Protect

The National Interest, 5.11.2013.


For proponents of international human rights and humanitarian intervention, the international community’s haphazard response to the ongoing Syrian conflict must be difficult to process. After largely ignoring Syria for two years, the world—led by the United States—suddenly became acutely engaged last August over the issue of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.

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Kosovo Serbs Tear Down Election Posters

Balkan insight, 1.11.2013.


Hardline Serbs in northern Kosovo, angered by Sunday’s ‘historic’ Kosovo-wide elections, can be seen on YouTube ripping down election material.

A video showing an action called “Cleansing Northern Kosovo” – of election materials for the forthcoming local elections in Kosovo – carried out by a group of Serbs called “Self-organized citizens”, has appeared on YouTube.

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