Putinization of Serbia

BIRN, 27.5.2013.


The price of the Brussels agreement, the only significant step of the new authorities, which is yet to be implemented, is an intensive Putinization of Serbia

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US: Pledges to End ‘War,’ Close Guantanamo

Human Rights Watch, 24.5.2013.

human rights watch

(Washington, DC) – United States President Barack Obama’s new call to transfer detainees from Guantanamo and wind down the “war” with al-Qaeda could jumpstart a US counterterrorism policy more consistent with US human rights obligations. However, in his speech on May 23, 2013, at the National Defense University, Obama failed to clarify many issues related to the US targeted killing program, such as how the US determines who can be targeted and under what circumstances.

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Pick up, West!

The need to consolidate all democratic powers in Serbia

Author: Jelena Milic, CEAS Director



Judging by the content of most of the media in Serbia, statements of the new government’s representatives, estimates of the once relevant sociologists and politicians and, unfortunately, representatives of the western international community as well, one might reach a conclusion that for the past year Serbia has made a huge step in a good direction under the new authorities. The real picture is, unfortunately, different.

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Bosnia May Offer Road Map for Syria

Brookings, 23.5.2013.


The international community needs a better strategy for the intractable war in Syria. Washington and Moscow are jointly pushing for an international conference that would bring representatives of the Assad regime and the opposition to the table. The question is, if the sides show up — which is not clear at the moment — how likely is it that they will agree on a deal? And if they do agree on a deal, who will ensure that it doesn’t dissolve into more bloodletting? We believe that any deal is likely to require, among other things, international peacekeepers and that the world is going to have to start getting used to the idea.

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