Covid: How Serbia soared ahead in vaccination campaign

Serbia's US-educated prime minister was the first European leader to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The country's Russophile internal affairs minister rolled up his sleeve for an armful of Sputnik V. And the health minister happily posed for his injection with Sinopharm's coronavirus shot.

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Liberalism and Its Discontents

Author: Francis Fukuyama

The challenges from the left and the right.

Today, there is a broad consensus that democracy is under attack or in retreat in many parts of the world. It is being contested not just by authoritarian states like China and Russia, but by populists who have been elected in many democracies that seemed secure.

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Montgomery: There will be no progress in the dialogue until the West understands the importance of the Kosovo question for Serbia

*Note: English version of an op-ed by Mr. William Dale Montgomery for the Kosovo Online web portal published on 11th January 2021, courtesy of the author – original text from Kosovo online available at:

Mr. Montgomery is a retired United States diplomat. He served as the US ambassador in Serbia and Montenegro.

You (Kosovo Online web portal-CEAS comment) have asked a number of specific questions. It is more important to focus on some basic realities about the Balkan situation. I emphasize that I am reflecting the observations of the politics of the region I have personally observed during and long after my retirement from diplomacy and not the official views of any government or individual besides myself.

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