Partnership Newsletter, September 2014.

Bilten jun 2014

Partnership Newsletter is a monthly publication about the partnership of Serbia and NATO, South-East Europe, Slovakia and defence and security issues.
The Newsletter is issued by the Slovak Atlantic Commission under the patronage of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade, which is currently the NATO Contact Point Embassy for Serbia. It is released with the support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and was released during the whole year 2013 as a support activity of the NATO Contact Point Embassy in Serbia. The SAC continues to issue Partnership newsletter also in the year 2014. The aim of this newsletter is primarily to map relations between Serbia and NATO including its individual member countries, especially Slovakia. Most importantly, priority will be given to security-related topics.

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Adopt a Law on Security Vetting - Regarding security vetting of Gendarmerie officers

CEAS position, 13.10.2014.


Regarding the statement that the ongoing security vetting (background security checks) for almost all 2,000 Gendarmerie officers found that half of them has a criminal record, the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade (CEAS) reminds of the danger of inadequate normative regulation of security vetting, and calls upon the public authorities to consider and adopt the initiative of independent bodies and the expert public to adopt a specific Law on Security Vetting.

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Eastern Europeans are bowing to Putin’s power

The Washington Post, 12.10.2014.

washington post

To grasp how Vladi­mir Putin is progressing in his campaign to overturn the post-Cold War order in Europe, it’s worth looking beyond eastern Ukraine, where the Kremlin is busy consolidating a breakaway puppet state. After all, Ukraine, as President Obama likes to point out, is not a member of NATO — which has extended Western security and democratic governance to a dozen nations that had been dominated by Soviet dictatorship.

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Mainland Chinese Tourists Get a Glimpse of Rebellion

The New York Times, by NEIL GOUGH and AUSTIN RAMZYOCT, 1.10.2014.


HONG KONG — For the tens of thousands of mainland Chinese crossing the border into Hong Kong on Wednesday, the first day of China’s weeklong National Day holiday, the pro-democracy demonstrations sweeping this city were an unexpected addition to the itinerary.

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