The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) from Belgrade, one of the most prominent think tanks from Western Balkans would like to ask you for a small non-project related one time financial contribution or institutional support, personal or organizational, to help us bridge transition period which we are currently facing. Your support would help us bridge some donor policies, hiccups, reshuffling and donor withdrawal from the Western Balkans that have heavily affected us regardless of our impeccable cooperation with them, as well as severe consequences of Covid-19 pandemic on our sustainability. 

If you believe that your future work can benefit from CEAS  impartial, provocative but informative   briefs, analytical highly acclaimed reports of less analyzed Serbian  activates in relations with NATO and the US, NATO member states and NATO and US partners in Three Sea Initiative, Black Sea Middle East and Mediterranean as well as from our advocacy for fair compromise, sustainable solutions to the remaining open regional issues that we believe would be a win-win for the entire Western Balkans and the Euro-Atlantic world, and further encouragement and empowerment of Serbia on its path of democratic and economic development while strengthening cooperation with all Euro-Atlantic actors, which we will also continue to work on, we kindly ask you to support us.


NOTE: We emphasize that the methods of donation are harmonized with the procedures of the Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the Ministry of Finance and the business policy of our parent bank, as well as in line with the Law on Associations.

At the following link on our website you can find a list of all our previous projects and donors, short descriptions of the project and the amount of donations -

We sincerely hope that you will respond to our call for support. 

Kind regards,

CEAS team