CEAS Announcement: CEAS among Recipients of a Threatening Letter

Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) announces with great concern the fact that the organization which is most exposed to threats, attacks and intimidation has, along with some other colleagues from the civil society, received today a signed threatening letter.

The letter has been delivered to CEAS’ address by the post and in it, among other things, it is stated that the threat is directed towards all Serbian traitors, bastards and degenerates in the last eighty years. The letter also demands that they leave all areas and regions of the Kingdom of Serbia... by St. George’s Day (by the Julian calendar on the May 6, by the Gregorian calendar on April 23). Otherwise you will be destroyed one and all.

CEAS has especially noticed that in the threatening letter there is explicit mention of vaccines that are used (by the West) to poison Serbia on the one hand, and on the other, praise for the values of conservative Russia, as well as celebration of the general Dragoljub (Mihailovic, we presume), whom CEAS considers was legitimately accused of treason and war crimes.

Similar anti-vaxer, anti-immigration, conservative, pro-Russian and populist rhetoric, followed by the conspiracy theory about the mean West trying to kill Serbia combined with elements of calls for unconstitutional acts and arbitrary judgement of what constitutes treason, is visible in different variations of these stances by social and political activists who do not hide their connections to structures in Russia, such as Dr. Danica Grujicic, founder of the Healthy Serbia organization, Milan Stamatovic, president of the civic initiative “For Healthy Serbia” which is part of the Alliance for Serbia, Novica Antic, president of the Army of Serbia Union and Dr. Jovana Stojkovic, leader of the anti-vaxer movement in Serbia.

CEAS has reported the case to the police who have promptly and professionally reacted by taking all the necessary actions and we therefore believe that other law enforcing agencies will handle this case, as well as others, in the same professional way.

CEAS reminds that since 2016 it has filed several criminal charges against unknown perpetrators as well as those known, such as Vojislav Seselj (sentenced for war crimes by the International Criminal Court Mechanism in the Hague for having incited deportations and persecution of Croats from Hrtkovci village in Vojvodina), Nemanja Ristic (suspected of participating in the attempted coup in Montenegro and currently wanted by the Interpol after the arrest warrant issued by Montenegro’s judiciary), Misa Vacic, Dejan Tosic, Jugoslav Petrusic (Serbian-French agent and counter-intelligence officer, member of the French intelligence agency Direction du renseignement militaire (DRM) who was tried in 2016 for spying in the interest of France, killing two Kosovo Albanians and other criminal acts committed in Kosovo during NATO’s air campaign in 1999), Dragan Djordjevic (president of Serbia’s Association of Disabled Veterans and Families of Killed Servicemen) as well as certain media.

We hereby state several basis for these criminal charges: the criminal offense of violent behavior referred to in Article 344 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, the offense of threatening from Art.138 p.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, and the criminal offense of racial and other discrimination referred to in Art.387 p.4 regarding Art.38 p.2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia.

CEAS’ legal representatives regularly inquire at the Prosecutor’s Office about the outcomes of these cases, however, so far no information on the legal effect of these charges has been received other than statements that the cases are being processed.

We remind that CEAS director Jelena Milic, after serious threats (the criminal offense of threatening from Article 138, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia) and the public intimidation campaigns in March 2016, received police protection which she canceled in April 2016, after the authorities had not responded to citizens' calls during the demolishing of the buildings in Savamala neighborhood.

CEAS, and especially its director Jelena Milic are often subject to hate speech, threats and defamations in the media, always followed by waves of threats on social media.

Also, CEAS reminds that its director Jelena Milic is among the rare people listed as Serb-haters who joined in filing of criminal charges against Ivan Ivanovic and SNP Nasi movement who have published the aforementioned list in March 2014.

The media continue to carry the politicians’ and others’ hate speech and thus enhance its effect, therefore CEAS has filed charges against dailies Pravda, Srpski Telegraf and Informer.

These are just a few of the titles that have had a profound effect on her personal security: Jelena Milic Paid by NATO to Begrime Her People; Jelena Milic Defends Evil NATO for Cash; NATO Savage Woman Attacks the Doctor; Milic: I Come From Tarabic Family; Proven: Jelena Milic Works for MI6!; BECAUSE I CAN: Jelena Milic Increasingly Arrogant, the NATO Lobbyist Attacks Pravda Too!; The Face of NATO Evil; Beyond Any Limit: Jelena Milic Offends Serbs and Serbian Victims Again!

We would like to indicate that all these threats are making our work increasingly difficult and are putting a strain on our efforts, our time, our financial and human resources, while the outcome of these cases before the authorities charged with enforcing the law is nowhere in sight.

CEAS rests its hope in the authorities charged with enforcing the law to take all activities foreseen by the law thus enabling us to dedicate ourselves fully to our founding mission. At the same time, we would like to remind of the findings of relevant international documents (such as reports by the European Commission on the Republic of Serbia for 2018, by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance of the Council of Europe...) that have called on Serbian authorities to react without delay and publicly condemn such actions.

In Belgrade, February 18, 2019


Threatening letter – translated in English

To all Serbian traitors, bastards and degenerates in the last eighty years. To the dogs that eighty years ago have been put in charge by the masonic-English bastards and Satanists to enforce terror and the most cruel systematic destruction of Christian, moral, cultural and all other traditional, centuries-old values of the Serbian people by these same Satanists in the occupied Kingdom. All this is done under the same satanic program that has been used over a hundred years ago by the Jews and the English, bastards and degenerates, to enforce the occupation of Imperial Russia that lasts till today.

Millions of Serbian children, women, elderly, priests and monks and Serbian soldiers and patriots disarmed by the Stalinists and the Englishmen, killed by damned bloody hands of Tito’s and Pavelic’s ustashas, never were and will never be forgotten. The judgement and the punishment will befall all the ungodly and the criminals as well as their supporters both public and secret and all those that have the red Satanist sect in their hearts. All those who bow to idols and their mausoleums, that will soon be turned into rubble, just like over six thousands of those memorials with red pentagrams throughout the occupied Kingdom of Serbia.

To the sons and grandsons of the red bastards who continue to rule to this day over the occupied Serbian Kingdom and over the Serbian people decimated in every possible way. To the masonic-English mercenaries who hold all the levers of power and all the positions in all Serbian institutions, political, scientific, cultural and economic, in the production and the state affairs, as well as in the private sector, the television channels and other public media. Landowners new and old whose families possess the property of the Serbian people that their fathers and grandfathers have stolen from innocent blood that was spilt.

Damned, treacherous kin, may all the blood befall onto you that you together with your fathers and your grandfathers have spilt because of your nastiness and misery. Supporters of the anti-Christian, republican system created by Jewish and English Satanists, don’t you know that the antichrist’s republic is predicted to die, and all of you together with it. You thrive on lies and terror, because of the protection of your masonic masters, as their obedient beasts. As soon as your parents, possessed by the devil, were appointed to be the guardian dogs eighty years ago, they immediately legalized prostitution and abortions for their bastards. They legalized every evil and debauchery. They started to snatch children from hospitals, to poison and kill through food, medicines, vaccines, agricultural poisons and so forth. They have thorn down and desecrated Serbian holy temples, turned schools into satanic houses for poisoning children’s souls. Where once stood God, they have put the devil, where once stood the double-headed eagle with a crown, they have put the devil’s pentagram. They made themselves same as the beasts who get stamped on the forehead.

Your father is the devil and your father’s wishes you want to pursue; he has always been the murderer of men and never stood in the truth because there is no truth in him, when he speaks, he tells his lies, because a lie he is, and the father of all lies.

Leave all the areas and regions of the Kingdom of Serbia, from the source of Sava to Greece, from the Adriatic Sea to Romania, by St. George’s Day at the latest. Otherwise, you will be destroyed one and all.

Long live the Emperor of Russia Romanoff and the King of Serbia Nemanjic! Long live their fatherland army!

Glory to the saint fathers Sava and Simeon! Glory to the holy martyrs Emperor Lazar, Grand Vozhd Djordje Petrovic, Emperor Nikolai, general Dragoljub and all the holy martyrs who have laid their lives for the Honorable Cross and the golden freedom, for the King and the Fatherland!

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!