Dear Sir/Madam,


I am kindly asking you to remove my name from your recently published list of “The Most Powerful Women in Serbia” for 2018, because there is also the name of Danica Grujičić on it. I was ranked as 73rd on that list.

I am addressing you only now because it was only this morning, on the International Women's Day, that I saw Danica Grujičić featuring as one of the ten “top women“ for the year 2018, in one of your editions –“Blic žena” (“Blic Woman”). Intrigued, I returned to the aforementioned list of “the most powerful women” and I saw there was also Danica Grujičić, ranked 96th. Therefore I request that you remove my name from the list.

The text is about the event where this newly established acknowledgment was given to Danica Grujičić, and the headline mentions the “magnificent women changing the world”. The follows: ”They are brave, strong, smart. True innovators. They dared pursue their dreams, fight for their life and change the world around them. They are top women, “Blic Women…”.

Unfortunately, I fully agree that Danica Grujičić is indeed a powerful woman. Unfortunately too, many powerful persons have not contributed to social progress and improvement, but quite the opposite. I deem Danica Grujičić one of such persons.

Changing the world around them, you say. Unfortunately again, I agree. Grujičić has ideed changed Serbia, but for worse. She has been running an insolent and strategically devised campaign of disinformation to intimidate the public with a non-existent cancer epidemic in Serbia (no public health institutions in Serbia has declared epidemic), allegedly caused by the use of depleted uranium ammunition during the tragic NATO bombing of FRY in 1999.

Meanwhile, faced with the arguments of truly smart, brave and competent people like Dr. Zoran Radovanović, probably for reasons unknown to public, Grujičić has all of a sudden changed the tune and is now talking about the alleged new trends of incremental sterility and potential genetic mutations, again without valid scientifically verified data, of course. By doing that, she discourages people from having children, just like she is probably dissuading people from care about their health by her fatalistic stories of the alleged NATO-made “ecocide” and the non-existent cancer epidemic.

Helping children, you say. Well, I tend to disagree.  Grujičić was brought to your list of “the most powerful women” by her reported engagement with “Zdrava Srbija” organisation (“Healthy Serbia”), which allegedly helps children. Have you Googled its activities, have you counted them, or perhaps noticed that this is yet another Grujičić’s start-up that has never yielded concrete results, the motives probably being quite different – manipulative and political?

Innovators, you say. I agree. Danica Grujičić has indeed innovated public manipulation by abusing her profession to change the world around her, but for worse, with vocal self-styled patriotism, using public resources – premises of institutions, health care and education, owned by all taxpayers in Serbia. What is the ultimate goal of “the dream she pursues”, as you say, remains to be seen, but a growing number of circumstances are indicating that the interests of the state of Serbia and its citizens were definitely not her priority, her personal dream coming true.

In her multi-annual media-showbiz-political-pseudoscience-crusade attacks where, as it is getting more and more obvious, she perilously poisoned Serbia’s public space, at the moment of the country’s facing difficult challenges and choices. She wouldn’t refrain from persisting in her tempts, which have nothing to do with health interests, including the anti-vaccine campaign, due to which a real – existing epidemic of measles broke out in Serbia, unfortunately taking a death toll of about twenty persons, including children.

In the public interest, I reiterate, Danica Grujičić stated literally the following at a panel called “Two Women on Various Topics” (“Dve žene na razne teme”) organised by the Student Parliament upon the initiative of “Zdravo“ youth movement, held at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade on 30 March 2017: “If those who are giving it to our children will give it to our children too then that’s it. We should all get on the streets. Get organised one day. I’ll be the first to get on the street. ‘Torlak’ must be saved, it’s a strategic thing. Let’s suppose everything is great and the vaccine is of high quality, you won’t recognise Kosovo – I won’t give you vaccine for your kid. Let your kids go sick.“

Grujičić surely knows that the mentioned vaccines are not produced in Serbia, and with this statement she confuses the already baffled parents and deviously invites them not to have their children vaccinates because the vaccine come from the “hostile” countries. Grujičić and her media and political protégées are very much aware of this profoundly professionally and ethically disqualifying circumstances, but is sweeping it under the carpet by media blackwashing of the few who are pointing it out. 

I suppose your editions were familiar with this circumstance too, so besides asking you to remove me from the mentioned list, I am overtly asking you – why are you taking part in this? If you didn’t know about this circumstance before, are you going to do anything about it now that you do? You can find the complete video from the panel discussion on the web page of the organisation that I run. It also contains many other statements that by all means disqualify Grujičić as a “magnificent, brave and strong woman...”

Grujičić has not gone public about the fact that the other speaker from the mentioned panel, Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović, was summoned to a hearing by the competent authorities due to her involvement with the anti-vaccine campaign of disseminating false information. Women’s solidarity, women’s rights that Grujičić is advocating now, you say. Namely, justifying this new reward, the wording is now: “... however, she wants to fight for broader rights of women in all social spheres …“. If she were this solidary and humane, she wouldn’t have allowed such an inequity before the judiciary.

In a nutshell, having “cured” Serbia by disheartening it, posining it with malinformation, “innovating” social/media manipulation,  the “magnificent Grujičić” “helped” children by perfidiously participating in the anti-vaccine campaign that cause the measles outbreak with lethal outcomes, became “accomplished” in her “solidarity” with other antivaccers, all the while “pursuing her dream” which to me seems like a nightmare that she is pushing Serbia into. This is why she and I do not belong in the same list, so I once again kindly request that you remove me from it and inform the public of the reasons thereto.


Jelena Milić

Belgrade, 8 March 2019