CEAS and Jelena Milić found guilty in the lawsuit filed by Nikola Petrović - former director of the public company „Elektromreža Srbije“ - and the chronology of this process and the fate of criminal charges filed by the CEAS beacuse of threats of violence

On January 22nd 2015 Jelena Milić was called to a hearing to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade in a very strange way. The subpoena[1] was handed in by a person from the Prosecutor’s office, who came to the CEAS office (whose address is publicly available) unannounced, and handed the subpoena to Jelena Milić, claiming that they could not reach her in any other way. The person who delivered the subpoena explained in front of the CEAS staff that this was allegedly about a falsification of the signature of Jelena Milić, in whose name someone filed criminal charges against a certain Nikola Petrović, and that her presence at the Prosecutor’s office is needed only so that she can confirm that the signature is forged.

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CEAS – The decision and rationale behind the withdrawal from the National Convention on the European Union in Serbia

The Center for Euro-Atlantic studies (CEAS) from Serbia has decided to withdraw from the National Convention on the European Union (hereinafter referred to as the Convention). The reason for this is the absence of the Convention’s position on the systematic campaign of unfounded criminalization and delegitimisation of some CSOs that is conducted by the pro-government media which gives a lot of media space to the MPs of the ruling coalition as well as the MPs of the quasi-opposition. Accordingly, we ask that you remove us from all of your records.

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The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade (CEAS) welcomes today’s announced compromise within the EU on continuing negotiations with Serbia and the process of strengthening relations with the USA. We hope that these processes will truly contribute to faster establishment of rule of law and democratic control over the security sector in Serbia, and that measures encouraging Serbia to finally decide whether it wants to belong to the political West of the political East will soon ensue.

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The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade (CEAS) offers its sincere condolences for all the victims and their families and expresses its strong support to all those injured in the devastating shooting in Orlando, Florida.