CEAS’s VII Belgrade NATO Week – spring edition

Serbia and NATO - A Look At The Future

On the occasion of the 70 years since NATO's founding and 20 years of the intervention in FRY Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) from Belgrade, Serbia organized a series of events in Belgrade, under the umbrella of the CEAS high annual flagship program - Belgrade NATO Week. It is important to emphasize that both events took place during the period of dangerous tension in the relations between Serbia and Kosovo due to the excessive use of the force of the Kosovo armed forces, Special Unit Operation SUO (in Albanian NjSO). Belgrade NATO Week program since its inception enjoys support of the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO (PDD).

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University Debates workshop – “Europe, whereto?”

MESA10, in cooperation with its partner, Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade (CEAS), launched the continuation of the project of innovative online debates between the university students from Serbia, Moldova, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovakia “Strengthening Democratic Values Among Youth”.

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Overview of the Fifth #BelgradeNATOWeek

16 November 2017

The fifth “jubilee” of the international conference, “Belgrade NATO Week” gathered more than 150 participants and high level speakers, including Tacan Ildem – Ambassador, NATO, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy; Branimir Filipović – Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Acting Assistant Foreign Minister for Security Policy; Benjamin Hodges – Commanding General U.S. Army Europe; Alessandro Minuto Rizzo – NATO Defense College Foundation Chair, former Deputy Secretary General NATO; Milan Mojsilović – General Major, Acting Deputy Minister of Defense Policy, Ministry of Defense of Serbia; Kristi Raik – The Finnish institute of International Affairs, coauthor, “A New Era of EU-NATO Cooperation”; Jelena Milić – Director of Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies, coauthor and editor, “BASIC INSTINCT – The Case for More NATO in The Western Balkans”; Stefano Stefanini – Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Brent Scowcroft Center for International Security, Atlantic Council USA; Giampaolo Di Paola – former Chair of the NATO Military Committee, former Minister of Defence of Italy, co-author, “GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation  Initiative”; and Robert Pszczel – Senior Officer for Russia and the Western Balkans, NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

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March 26th/April 7th, Dragan Stoiljković, CEAS Senior Project Manager, at the International Leadership Academy (IAF) 2017

Dragan Stoiljković, CEAS Senior Project Manager is selected as one of the participants at the International Leadership Academy (IAF) 2017, of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, situated at Gummersbach, Germany, on the theme „Strenghtening NGOs – winning support for ideas and their political implemetation“.

This event, hosted by Friedrich Naumann Foundation, aims to foster strenghtening of think tanks. During the course of the seminar, participants will continuously be engaged in two streams of learning: 1. A focus on the skills and knowledge required to build and grow robust, responsive and relevant NGOs and Think Tanks in their environments; 2. A focus on themselves, their own selfawareness, leadership and role in the organisation and team. This seminar will draw richly on creative and innovative facilitation methodologies, not only to support the learning of participants during the seminar, but also to provide participants with processes and ways through which they can support organisational learning and planning in their own organisations.