11.5.2015. CEAS researcher presented a policy paper on the closing conference of LGBT way towards institutions - bridging the gap



Final conference on "LGBT way towards institutions- bridging the gap", was held on 11.05.2015. In the National Assembly, in cooperation with the Committee for Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality, the organization Labris and the Forum for Ethnic Relations. Tijana Vojinovic, CEAS researcher, presented at the occasion the list of priorities of Policy: security, prevention of violence and the struggle against violence in relation to LGBT people in Serbia.

Opening the conference, Meho Omerović, Chairman of the Committee for Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality has expressed satisfaction that the Committee, which he chairs participated in the activities which presented proposals of public policies in various fields, in which members of the LGBT community are faced with problems, and sometimes unfortunately human rights abuses. What is particularly significant is that the proposed documents contain recommendations that have a basis in international standards and serve the state authorities in the development of activities within their jurisdiction, said Meho Omerović.

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He also emphasized that cooperation with organizations dealing with the protection of the rights of LGBT people and state institutions is essential, bearing in mind that the LGBT population is one of the most discriminated groups, and is often subjected to threats, hate speech and violence.
Meho Omerović said that some of the objectives that have to be achieved in order to improve the position of LGBT people are relatied to the establishment of a safer environment, improvement of legislation, especially the Law on Prevention of Discrimination and progress in the field of health care for LGBT people.
Following the introductory part of the conference speakers were Irena Vojačkova Soljorano, permanent coordinator of the United Nations in the Republic of Serbia, Nenad Đurdjević, from the Forum for Ethnic Relations, Tim Cartwright, Head of the Council of Europe in Belgrade, Luca Bianconi, Head political department of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and Tracy Gallagher ,Deputy chief of Mission of the British Embassy in Belgrade.
The basic fundamental human right is the right to freedom of expression and freedom of movement. In the struggle between human rights and traditional values, human rights must prevail, said Irena Vojačkova Soljorano. She stated that the United Nations support transexual and bisexual people stating that they have absolutely the same rights as everyone else. Recommendation of the United Nations is to eliminate stereotypes, prejudice and that the public is better informed when it comes to the rights of LGBT people.
It was pointed out that discrimination is most present in the areas of employment, that of all LGBT people,the most vulnerable are transgender individuals. It was also mentioned that textbooks for secondary schools include texts that contribute to the spread of discrimination, and therefore it is necessary to turn to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, in order to change the content of the text. There was a word about the lack of application of existing laws, especially the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination.
There was a talk about the support of policy development in the field of protection of the rights of LGBT citizens of efficient protection of mental health through the presentation of the Manual on LGBT psychotherapy.