31.5.- 2.6.2012. Jan Litavski, CEAS researcher, participated in training organised by the TACSO office in Serbia

TACSO Office in Serbia, 31.5.2012–2.6.2012

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Jan Litavski, researcher at the Centre for Euro-Atlantis Studies participated in the training ‘Strategic network development and management of networks’ in the period between 31.5.2012–2.6.2012, organised by the TACSO office in Serbia.

The training began by mapping out networks and elements needed for the formation and maintenance of a network. The training was focused on strategic planning and elements necessary for the development of a strategic plan. Furthermore, discussions were led over which skills are needed for managing networks, and which for public representation. The training also dealt with the notion of communication and decision making in networks, questions of network sustainability and strategic aim identification. At the end, participants agreed on the logistics and assistance of TACSO trainers on producing strategic plans for the networks they will manage.