09.03.2020 Danica Grujicic

Danica Grujicic

Where are we in terms of the number of patients compared to developed countries?

That’s a contentious issue, because in the 21st century, in the era of computer technology and high-speed data transfer, we are still waiting for data from the 2016 cancer registry. In Serbia, we have the unique information system called IZIS that covers all tertiary and secondary health care facilities where patients with C diagnosis are treated (C diagnosis means malignant disease regardless of the location). By analyzing data from 2017, since this platform is in use, as well as 2018, we obtained information that is different from the data we receive from the cancer registry. There has to be a logical explanation why this discrepancy occurs and who is right, those who claim that nothing extraordinary is happening when it comes to malignancies and those of us who claim that they are on the major increase. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the data with mathematical accuracy and explain the discrepancy, not only in terms of numbers of patients, but also in mortality.

Danica Grujičić, Head of the Department of Neuroncology, Clinical Center of Serbia