10.07.2020 Viola von Cramon-Taubadel

Viola von Cramon Taubadel

We must ask that question to those who invite him, such as French President Emanuel Macron, with whom Vucic is visiting today. In the coming days, Angela Merkel and the EU will talk to Vucic, and certain questions should be raised there. Such a confrontation with the Serbian president cannot be left only to us, individual MPs. I expect the Commissioner for Enlargement Várhelyi and Josep BorelL to be clear on this issue. I also expect Chancellor Merkel to use the German presidency of the EU Council and her personal contacts with Vučić to teach him a lesson and tell him "That's enough!". And then we have to continue to have intensive enlargement talks with our neighbors, but Serbia will definitely be left out of that format.

Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance

26.06.2020 Florian Biber

florian bieber

It is this resounding victory that makes the outcome a defeat for Vučić. A parliament without an opposition cannot serve as a fig leaf to legitimize the supposedly democratic rule of the president. Had more of the 21 running parties and groups entered parliament, such as the different far right and fascist groups or a few scattered democratic and reformists, the Progressive Party could claim that Serbia had a pluralist parliament. Now, it does not and thus reveals the authoritarian nature of the regime.

Florian Bieber, Professor of Southeast European History and Politics, Jean Monnet Chair for the Europeanization of Southeastern Europe at the University of Graz and Coordinator of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group (BiEPAG)

23.06.2020 US State Department

us department of state

The United States values highly bilateral relations with Serbia, which have improved significantly in recent years. We have a common vision of a democratic Serbia with a prosperous market economy, living in peace with its neighbors and integrated into Europe

Written statement by a State Department spokesperson

22.06.2020 Jelena Milic

jelena milic

Obviously, the excellent election results of the Serbian Progressive Party show that the party got new voters, who recognized Vučić's commitment to good relations with the USA, in addition to Russia and China.

Jelena Milić, director of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies

16.06.2020 SRS

Izbori 2020 SRS

For Alliance with Russia

Electoral slogan of the Serbian Radical Party, whose leader Vojislav Seselj is a convicted war criminal

12.06.2020 Slobodan Nikolich

slobodan nikolic ruska stranka

We also oppose military neutrality, we believe that it is disastrous for a small country like Serbia, and we are in favor of joining the CSTO. That would be the best solution for our country, and there would be a Russian military base in Pester or in the vicinity of Vranje, just like the one the United States has in Kosovo and Metohija. You cannot sit on two chairs at the same time, let alone three.

Slobodan Nikolic, Holder of the electoral list of the Russian Party for "Politika" daily answering the question whether there would be Russian military bases in Serbia