06.09.2019. Milorad Dodik

milorad dodik

Isn't Crimea part of Russia? For me, it's Russia. Crimea should not have been separated from Russia at all. It was a communist mistake.

Milorad Dodik, Member of the Presedeny of Bosnia and Herzegovina

25.07.2019. Danica Grujicic

Danica Grujičić

In everyday work with cancer patients, I noticed that the results of treatment were worse than before ... that tumors previously considered as half malignant or half benign suddenly changed their nature and became far more aggressive, that tumors that previously existed only among population older than 50 years suddenly begin to occur on children, that the number of children with brain tumors increased. For all this there was no logical explanation, especially for the deteriorated results in the treatment we had from 2008 to 2013. After the appearance of the book  "Crime in War - Genocide in Peace" I began to follow all the research that confirmed the changes in our patients in the number of patients and types of pathology.

Dr. Danica Grujicic, 19 December 2018

30.5.2019. Ana Brnabic

ana brnabic

You have to deal with people who literally just emerged from the woods (Not clear whether she refers to Kosovo Albanians or the administration/CEAS)...for them it is all the same whether there is war or not, and that scares me.

Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

27.5.2019. Damon Vilson

Damon Wilson pic

Kako bi se došlo do konačnog i sveobuhvatnog rešenja u dijalogu između Beograda i Prištine potrebni su veliki kompromisi. Ni Brisel ni Vašington ne bi trebalo da nameću rešenje problema.

Damon Wilson 

15.05.2019 Philip S. Kosnett

Philip S. Kosnett

The United States remains deeply concerned by the Government of Kosovo’s appointments of unqualified individuals to senior government positions – including individuals convicted of war crimes, under active indictment for serious crimes, and suspected of serious abuses of power.

Philip S. Kosnett, Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Kosovo

11.05.2019 Kyle Scott

kyle scott

Sramota je da osuđeni ratni zločinac korača ispred onih koji žele da odaju počast saveznicima koji su umirali boreći se za pravdu i mir u Evropi. Dan Evrope = evropske vrednosti.

Ambasador SAD u Srbiji