03.06.2020 Aleksandar Vučić

I do not agree with the comments on social networks that they are "reaping what they sowed". Because for us and our country, there is no greater interest than for the situation in America to calm down, because only a strong United States can strengthen the European Union economy, which would in effect strengthen the economy of Serbia, so that we can have much more money, jobs and roads. Not to mention the human moment: you have to sympathize with people who have just gone through a terrible crisis in which they had 108,000 deaths (due to Covid).

Aleksandar Vučić, President of the Republic of Serbia

01.06.2020 Aleksandar Vučić

The people are on his side, 80% of them. Why should he care if six or 60 of his colleagues are against him. Nestorović has an excellent professional track record behind and has a lot of friends whose children he saved.

Aleksandar Vučić, Serbian President, about Dr.Branimir Nestorović against whom a group of doctors and Belgrade Medical Faculty professors submitted a complaint to the Serbian Medical Chamber (its director and Ethics Committee) regarding his public statements

01.06.2020 Eliot Higgins

Eliot Higgins

"Russia is behind the killing of George Floyd to provoke protests and riots" has to be one of the dumbest takes on the current situation in the US.

Eliot Higgins, Founder and executive director of Bellingcat

27.05.2020 Matthew Palmer

Matthew Palmer copy

We understand the public diplomacy value of airplanes with flags on their tail landing in the early stage of the (Covid19) crises to unload boxes. And sometimes it doesn't matter what's in the box. It only matters that there is this visible demonstration of support and assistance. And I think there's arguments to be made that the response on the part of the West and the United States, and on the part of Europe, was not as quick, not as speedy as it could have been, or should have been. But I think that now that you look at totality of what it is the US and EU are doing providing assistance and support to these countries - and it dwarfs anything that the Chinese or the Russians may be doing."

Matthew Palmer, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary and Special Representative for the Western Balkans

25.05.2020 Danica Grujičić

I believe that Corona is an artificial virus and a biological weapon. It's not normal for it to be transmitted so easily, it takes some time for that to happen, and it shouldn't take just for someone to cough at you to get infected. And where it started from is just as suspicious, since the Americans invested three million euros in that laboratory from which it all started! The only thing we can admit is that everything we know, we learnt from the Chinese scientists!

Danica Grujičić, Head of the Department of Neuroncology, Clinical Center of Serbia

07.05.2020 Aleksandar Vučić

While Serbia is grateful to all countries that have helped us manage the consequences of the Coronavirus, these acts of support and humanitarianism will not affect its general path. To the satisfaction of some and the disappointment of others, Serbia's strategic goal was, and will remain, full membership in the EU as well as becoming an even more dynamic actor in the community of European nations.

Aleksandar Vučić, President of the Republic of Serbia