03.05.2020 Ben Hodges

ben hodges

Stronger alignment is needed between the US and EU efforts to achieve adequate conditions for the continuation of negotiations between the two presidents, Aleksandra Vučić and Hashim Thaci. It is necessary to remove all forms of pressure on the Serbian and Kosovo leaders (Presidents Vučić and Thaci), who are trying to reach a final agreement. It's about opening up a space where both would be free from the constant pressure from outside factors and different internal groups and personalities, including church officials. At the same time, it is quite clear that the Kremlin does not want to see any agreement reached or any solution found, which the two sides could achieve independently.

US Lieutenant General Frederick Benjamin Hodges, Center for European Policy Analysis

28.04.2020 Anthony Godfrey

Anthony F Godfrey

Today I had a great meeting with @presidentrs. By helping other countries during this crisis, Serbia has shown its generosity and maturity.

Anthony Godfrey, US Ambassador to Serbia

24.04.2020 Aleksandar Vucic

Today we had a meeting with all EU member states' ambassadors in our country. The meeting was very long and I would highlight the most important thing, and that is that Serbia is very grateful for any form of EU assistance. Serbia continues on its path to the EU and accepts criticism and praise alike.

Aleksandar Vučić, President of the Republic of Serbia

22.04.2020 Dr Srđa Janković

srdja jankovic

Medicine is everything that is proven to cure. It doesn't matter if it came from one tradition or another. The scientific method has the power to tell us what works and what doesn't work, and we usually accept whatever the scientific method proves to be valid.

Dr. Srdja Jankovic, immunologist at the University Children's Clinic in Tiršova Street

22.04.2020 Dr Branimir Nestorović

Branimir Nestorovic I think this pandemic will knock down many taboos. I think it will knock down many taboos and, well, I hope that it will open some new horizons. Not everything has to be treated in the classical manner. We have different approaches to medicine that are nothing like this at all - we have traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine ... Russian medicine. Not all people are treated by Western medicine, nor it could be said that Western medicine is so much more successful than any other, except maybe in the technical sense...

Prof. Dr. Branimir Nestorovic, pulmonologist, a member of The Crisis Response Team COVID19

15.04.2020 Ivica Dačić

Ivica Dačić In contemporary Serbian-American relations, the issue of Kosovo and Metohija is certainly an important topic of political dialogue. Serbia sees the United States as a key partner in the process of achieving a lasting and sustainable solution, acceptable to both parties.

Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs