23.03.2020 Sem Fabrizi

sam fabrizi

Did you know that since 2000, Застава Европске уније assisted Застава Србије w/ €450million Новчаница са знаком евра in donations & @EIB loans for hospitals, TORLAK institute, ambulances w/ ventilators, lab equipment for virus testing, all over the country? https://t.co/TLnFoHy2mX?amp=1

Sem Fabricio, ambasador i šef Delegacije Evropske unije u Republici Srbiji

24.03.2020 Aleksandar Vucic

Today, 21 years later, we know how horrible a crime they have committed against us, but we have learned a great deal from our own mistakes, irresponsible political actions and misguided heroics. The history is important, we must not forget it, but the future is paramount. That is why it is of crucial importance that we build alliances and friendships with those who aggressively attacked our country, without seeking revenge, just as we did not beg for mercy. Cooperation and partnership are the key words on which we will build a wealthier and more prosperous Serbia.

Aleksandar Vucic, on the occasion of 21st anniversary of NATO bombing

18.03.2020 Dragomir Andjelkovic

dragomir andjelkovic

The EU advocates talk so much about it being the most humane, peace project, but in fact it’s a bureaucratic creation deprived of any vital energy. If it only takes a single virus to expose its lack of solidarity and functionality, what would happen in the event of a major crisis? Now it has become evident that European values ​​are nothing but an idle tale, and European efficiency is next to none. The message we receive is to organize our lives on our own, in cooperation with countries that are our true allies, and to re-examine whether the EU membership suits us anymore.

Dragomir Andjelkovic, a political analyst

10.03.2020 Slaviša Lekić

Slavisa Lekic

However, the highlight was the gallop of the ghost trotters from Vučić’s elite stable, led by Jelena Milić, sans Chetnik beard, not to say freshly shaven, a promoter of NATO’s values, discourse, angle and deconstruction, and Ivan “The Toothless Papa Smurf” Tasovac, the actors of Pink's counterfilm “The Persecution”, who by spending two-thirds of the time focusing on the authors and interviewees of "The Ruler", concluded that they were in turns dealing with magic, with hatred of Serbia, and with turning Zeljko Mitrović’s best client into the devil himself.

Slavisa Lekić, columnist of the daily Danas

10.03.2020 Sava Janjic

Sava Janjic

We are hostages to politicians and the media, who are creating all the problems. Ideas about territorial swaps go back to the 1990s and the creation of ethnically clean areas.

Sava Janjić, abbot of Visoki Dečani Monastery

08.03.2020 Danijel Server

Daniel Server

Kosovo should be prepared not to accept a bad deal with the Serbs, even if its supported by the US. A bad deal is the one that has, as a consequence, a swap of territory and population between Serbia and Kosovo. Grenell and Palmer are committed to this idea.

Daniel Serwer, Balkan affairs analyst