05.07.2018 Aleksandar Vulin

aleksandar vulin

Serbia has excellent cooperation with the Russian Federation, but the news of the procurement of the S-300 system does not match the facts.

Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Serbia

29.06.2018 Vuk Jeremic

vuk jeremic

We must not allow Vucic to present betrayal of Kosovo as a victory.

Vuk Jeremic, president of People's Party

28.06.2018 Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump

We love the countries of the European Union. But the European Union, of course, was set up to take advantage of the United States.

Donald J.Trump, President of the United States

18.06.2018. Rexhep Hoti

Redzep Hoti

The division is not on the agenda. On the contrary, the separation cannot happen without appropriation part of Sandzak to Kosovo, which belongs to Serbia, and part of Sandzak from Montenegro. The division of Kosovo cannot happen without taking a Presevo valley. It can not be division of Vojvodina from Serbia. As you can see, there are small aspects that complicate the division of Kosovo.

Rexhep Hoti, Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo

14.06.2018 Gjorge Ivanov

Djordje Ivanov

Hold on, cultivate our eternal ideal of disobedience. They will not force me with pressure, lectures, or threats. I will not support such a harmful deal. For the love of our ancestors, those who have pure-hearted, created the eternal desire of one, our only Macedonia, rise up. The history of independent Macedonia has been erased. The agreement prohibits the right of the unborn to be Macedonians. The EU and NATO should not be an alibi for a bad deal. This agreement divides the society instead of bringing it together.

Gjorge Ivanov, President of the Republic of Macedonia

12.06.2018 Alexander Chepurin

Aleksandar Čepurin

A special place here takes the problem of Kosovo, where Belgrade is under the ultimate pressure of traditional Serb-haters.

Alexander Chepurin, Russian Ambassador to Serbia