Nenad Milić, LDP Deputy President, 6.11.2012.

"I think we are all witnesses of something that is evidently going on in the security system, which is some sort of political struggle for control in this system. To be honest, it does not have to be the intention of those involved, but the consequence is a security system in which you do not know who the boss is."

Nenad Milić,
LDP Deputy President


Tomislav Nikolić, President of Serbia, 1.11.2012.

"We have fallen into a 'snake's nest' here, among people who use high positions in many departments to dominate lives, among people who dared to wiretap myself primarily, and then Aleksandar Vučić as well. This will have to be investigated fully. You cannot live like this in Serbia."

Tomislav Nikolić, President of Serbia


Čedomir Jovanović, LDP President, 24.10.2012

“The fight against crime can be implemented only by serious, credible and efficient institutions, and not anybody's honesty or identification with law and justice. The Government has not proposed even one law, not one mechanism for a serious fight against corruption, which is, in Serbia, a consequence of an inefficient system, based on the idea that the State is simultaneously the owner, investor, contractor, buyer, seller, supplier and controller. In such a system there is no order and the fight against crime is reduced to public fatigue and the use of institutions for mutual blackmail and political struggle.”
Čedomir Jovanović,
LDP President, 24.10.2012