05.08.2020 Aleksandar Vučić

We had the strength to speak when Serbs did something somewhere, not to hide such things.

Aleksandar Vučić, President of Serbia in a speech on the occasion of marking the Day of remembrance of all the victims and expelled Serbs in the armed action "Storm" in Sremska Rača

05.08.2020 Zoran Milanović

Zoran Milanovic

Not everyone who received a sentence at the Hague tribunal is a war criminal, and the joint criminal enterprise, which they tried to "pin" on Croatia, is one of the stupid fabrications.

Zoran Milanović, President of the Republic of Croatia

05.08.2020 Miša Đurković

Andjelković and Radun are no longer in the media, and Jelena Milić is becoming the de facto main ideologue and spokesperson of this country, and even Ivica Dačić has to go to her NATO week.

Miša Đurković, Research Advisor of the Institute for European Studies

24.07.2020 Nebojša Čović

Nebojša Čović

He emphasized that it is an interesting moment to spread the news about the alleged "role of Russia", because The NATO Week is being held in Belgrade right now with disappointing results - only 24% of Serbian citizens support the membership in that Alliance.

"We can add to that all their 'moles' in certain non-governmental organizations that they secretly finance. These are projects worth several tens of thousands of Euros, but I am very concerned when these people start defending Serbia. I am completely sure that all their views are non-national and unpatriotic "

Nebojsa Covic, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, and current president of the Red Star basketball club, in an interview for Sputnik

23.07.2020 Ivica Dačić

I thank CEAS for organizing this conference: this event has established itself as a prestigious forum for deepening and exchanging opinions and ideas between relevant participants and the general public.

Ivica Dačić, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Foreign Affairs

21.07.2020 Danica Grujičić

Danica Grujicic

I am convinced that it is not a coincidence that the number of patients in the entire Balkans is growing solely in Serbia and Montenegro. I am convinced that it is due to the bombing.

Danica Grujičić, Head of the Department of Neuro-Oncology, Clinical Center of Serbia