27.05.2020 Ben Hodges

ben hodges

Both presidents are internally under enormous pressure from hardliners, as well as the Kremlin, which does not contribute to achieving a feasible solution. The United States and the European Union should therefore look for means to protect both sides. That means holding back on imposing red lines and preaching, but rather offering hope. Integration with the West needs to look real and attainable. In order for the two presidents to prove to their citizens that this process has value, the US and the EU should work jointly on this issue.

Frederick Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis and former Commander of the United States Army Europe

30.03.2020 Darija Kisić Tepavčević

darija kisic tepavcevic

One has to be very stupid to produce a biological weapon that is spread by droplets that we have no control over and that we are all sensitive to, and besides, there are many other more potent biological weapons that have a different transmission path.

Dr Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Milan Jovanovic Batut"