6. Beogradska NATO nedelja

Ovogodišnja Beogradska NATO nedelja održaće se od 8. do 9. novembra u Beogradu.

6-ta NATO nedelja

Live streaming sa 1. dana, 2. dana


The Digital Maginot Line

There is a war happening. We are immersed in an evolving, ongoing conflict: an Information World War in which state actors, terrorists, and ideological extremists leverage the social infrastructure underpinning everyday life to sow discord and erode shared reality. The conflict is still being processed as a series of individual skirmishes – a collection of disparate, localized, truth-in-narrative problems – but these battles are connected. The campaigns are often perceived as organic online chaos driven by emergent, bottom-up amateur actions when a substantial amount is, in fact, helped along or instigated by systematic, top-down institutional and state actions. This is a kind of warm war; not the active, declared, open conflict of a hot war, but beyond the shadowboxing of a cold one.


CEAS:Odnosi pogoršani zbog carina i najavom promene KBS

Odnosi na relaciji Beograd-Priština značajno su pogoršani, najavom transformacije Kosovskih bezbednosnih snaga (KBS) u Vojsku Kosova, a potom i uvođenjem carina na uvoz srpskih proizvoda na Kosovu, navodi se u najnovijoj analizi nacrta Strategije odbrane Srbije koju je izradio Centar za evroatlantske studije (CEAS) iz Beograda.


NATO and the EU sign agreement to support good governance

NATO and the European Union signed an agreement on Monday 10 December to cooperate in promoting good governance in the defence and security sector. As part of this agreement, the European Union will contribute 2 million EUR to the NATO Building Integrity (BI) Trust Fund for 2019-2022.


Više novca za naoružanje Vojske Srbije

Iz Ministarstva odbrane Srbije nema odgovora na pitanje kako će se trošiti deo sredstava od oko 94 milijarde dinara (oko 796 miliona evra), koliko je za taj resor predviđeno budžetom za 2019. godinu.


Sad Radicals

When I became an anarchist I was 18, depressed, anxious, and ready to save the world. I moved in with other anarchists and worked at a vegetarian co-op cafe. I protested against student tuition, prison privatization, and pipeline extensions. I had lawyer’s numbers sharpied on my ankle and I assisted friends who were pepper-sprayed at demos. I tabled zines, lived with my “chosen family,” and performed slam poems about the end of the world. While my radical community was deconstructing gender, monogamy, and mental health, we lived and breathed concepts and tools like call-outs, intersectionality, cultural appropriation, trigger warnings, safe spaces, privilege theory, and rape culture.