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Centar za evroatlantske studije (CEAS) raspisuje konkurs za poziciju projektni koordinator.



The Thing That Determines a Country’s Resistance to the Coronavirus

When the coronavirus pandemic now sweeping the world was localized in China in January, many people argued that China’s authoritarian system was blocking the flow of information about the seriousness of the situation. The case of Li Wenliang, a physician who was punished for blowing the whistle early on and who subsequently died from the disease, was seen as emblematic of authoritarian dysfunction.


Secretary General appoints group as part of NATO reflection process

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the appointment of a group of experts on Tuesday (31 March 2020) to support his work in a reflection process to further strengthen NATO’s political dimension. The group of five men and five women will be co-chaired by Thomas de Maizière and Wess Mitchell, and will report to the Secretary General.


Gen. Hodges: Europe must be open to the movement of NATO forces

The most difficult part is getting the politicians convinced. It’s all about understanding that improving military mobility is vital to NATO and helping them come together on a common view of threats on NATO’s Eastern Flank – as general Ben Hodges, former commander of US Army Europe said in an interview with Defence24.pl, on challenges to improving the mobility of NATO forces.


Milić: Na KiM ustav tumače kako im odgovara

BEOGRAD, 30. marta (Tanjug) - Direktorka Centra za evroatlanske studije Jelena Milić kaže da se, posle pada vlade Aljbina Kurtija, još jednom ispoljava nefunkcionalnost prištinskih institucija i ustava koji, kako navodi, svako tumači kako mu odgovara.


Milić: Na Kosovu ustav tumače kako kome odgovara, to dokazuje nefunkcionalnost Ahtisarijevog plana

Nakon pada vlade Aljbina Kurtija još jednom se pokazuje nefunkcionalnost kosovskih institucija ali i Ustava, koji svako tumači kako mu odgovara, ocenila je za Kosovo Onlajn direktorka Centra za evroatlanske studije Jelena Milić ukazujući da je Kosovo nedovršen i zavistan projekat, te da bi sa tim trebalo da se što pre suoče svi kosovski političari.


Joint Statement of Special Presidential Envoy Richard Grenell, Ambassador Philip Kosnett, and Special Representative for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer on Kosovo


The United States stands with the people of Kosovo.  We commend the continued efforts of the health professionals and others who are working hard, at great risk, to reduce the progress of COVID-19 in Kosovo.  In this time of uncertainty, we urge Kosovo’s leaders to follow Kosovo’s Constitution and the rule of law.  We are committed to working with any government formed through the constitutional process.


CEAS: Popisati sve žrtve NATO bombardovanja

BEOGRAD - Centar za evroatlantske studije iz Beograda (CEAS) saopštio je danas da u potpunosti podržava nedavnu inicijativu predsednika Aleksandra Vučića da država Srbija konačno načini popis svih žrtava NATO bombardovanja, ali i okolnosti pod kojima su stradali.