Milić: Kina nije zamena za Zapad u Srbiji

BEOGRAD, 3. aprila (Tanjug) - Srbija ne želi da zameni Zapad kao svog glavnog partnera, a ni iznos kineske pomoći za borbu protiv korona virusa neće to promeniti, smatra direktorka Centra za evroatlanske studije Jelena Milić.


Forging the Four Freedoms Initiative for prosperity and peace in the Balkans

Author: Marko Cadez

As World War II raged in Europe and Asia, former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt used his now famous 1941 State of the Union address to describe the “Four Freedoms” Americans should expect from their political and economic system: the freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.


The Thing That Determines a Country’s Resistance to the Coronavirus

When the coronavirus pandemic now sweeping the world was localized in China in January, many people argued that China’s authoritarian system was blocking the flow of information about the seriousness of the situation. The case of Li Wenliang, a physician who was punished for blowing the whistle early on and who subsequently died from the disease, was seen as emblematic of authoritarian dysfunction.