The Kremlin’s Balkan Gambit: Part I

This is part I of our joint investigation with the Russian investigative magazine The Insider into a series of active measures, hybrid warfare and false-flag operations in the countries of the Balkans that appear to have been orchestrated by Russian individuals in close coordination with the Kremlin. You can read the Russian version of this part of the investigation here.


Perilous: European Crisis Looms in the Balkans

The Balkan wars of the 1990s seem like a distant memory today. In addition to the passage of time, other crises such as the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the terrible blood-letting in Syria have pushed the Balkans off the agenda. But the possibility of renewed crisis in the region is growing and may soon impose new demands on US policy at a time when Washington is preoccupied with a turbulent political transition and is more focused on internal matters than troubles abroad.


Đorđević: Odnosi Srbije i Rusije se unapređuju

Odnosi Rusije i Srbije u oblasti odbrane unapređuju se uprkos kompleksnom okruženju, konstatovano je na današnjem sastanku u Moskvi ministara odbrane dve zemlje Sergeja Šojgua i Zorana Đorđevića. 


Tona ruskih knjiga kao poklon Beogradu

Ruski fond kulture, Ruska humanitarna misija, Ambasada Rusije u Srbiji i Biblioteka grada Beograda otvorili su poseban fond - Biblioteku ruske književnosti „Sergej Mihalkov“. To je 15. ovakva biblioteka u svetu. Na svečanoj ceremoniji otvaranja prisustvovali su zamenica predsednika Ruskog fonda kulture Julija Subotina-Mihalkova (udovica Sergeja Mihalkova) i unuk pisca, reditelj i producent Jegor Končalovski.


Presidential election in Serbia – Unfair but square

CEAS Director Jelena Milić article for New Eastern Europe 

The March 2017 presidential election in Serbia further consolidated Aleksander Vučić’s grip on power within the country. There is no doubt that he will continue to proclaim himself as a champion of Serbia’s EU integration.
However, in reality, he is an autocrat, at best.