Konkurs za poziciju projektnog koordinatora u Centru za evroatlantske studije (CEAS)

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Centar za evroatlantske studije (CEAS) raspisuje konkurs za poziciju projektni koordinator.



Russia’s Electronic Warfare Capabilities to 2025: Challenging NATO in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

“ICDS’s study could not be more timely. This is a professional work that catalogues the seriousness of the threat without being unduly alarmist. It is fact based, from the detailed descriptions of Russian equipment and investment; through Moscow’s development of organisation and command structure; to accounts of training, tactics and operations. There is also a great discussion of Russian doctrine and how Russian electronic warfare fits into broader questions of cyber and psychological operations and how that convergence will further challenge NATO’s concepts and practices. I highly recommend this important work as the departure point for the Alliance rethinking and reshaping its response to a growing danger. ”


Jessikka Aro: When pro-Russian trolls came after me

An investigative journalist's reporting turned her into the target of trolls in a harassment campaign that has continued for years. What kind of toll has it taken on her life?

Jessikka Aro works for the Finnish national broadcaster YLE. In 2014, she was investigating the existence of pro-Russian troll factories. She was uncovering evidence of a state-sanctioned propaganda machine pushing a pro-Kremlin line through Twitter bots - automated accounts - and bot networks.


Macron, the Atlanticist

France is committed to taking on more responsibility for the defense of Europe without alienating or competing with NATO.

France has not always had an easy relationship with NATO. While most of the country’s armed forces are pleased that it is a member of the alliance, many of its diplomats regard the EU project as incomplete as long as the United States ultimately guarantees the continent’s defense. Hence the frequent allusions in EU documents to the need for “strategic autonomy”—a plea from part of the political class in Paris, but also beyond, for the European Union to aspire to assume NATO’s role at some point.


Vulin otvara vojsku za stranačke kadrove

Ministar odbrane Aleksandar Vulin imaće drastično veća ovlašćena ukoliko predložene izmene Zakona o vojsci u nepromenjenom obliku budu usvojene u skupštini.


Mass shootings are an American problem. There’s an American solution.

On awful, gut-churning days such as Monday, I find it important to remind myself that mass shootings happen almost nowhere else but the United States. As we become normalized to the regular pace of massive, execution-style killings — Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando and now Las Vegas — it’s critical to understand that the Groundhog Day phenomenon of horrific mass shootings is exclusive to the United States. I find consolation in this fact, because if the problem is particularly American, then the solution can be, too.


Saradnja Vinče i NOS-a sa ruskim Rosatomom

Srbija je zainteresovana da ostvari bližu naučnu saradnju između Nuklearnog instituta Vinča i Nuklearnih objekata Srbije, sa jedne, i Ruske državne korporacije za atomsku energiju „Rosatom“, sa druge strane, izjavio je ministar zadužen za inovacije i tehnološki razvoj u Vladi Srbije Nenad Popović.