#RefugeesinSerbiainArabic - list of the most needed things

CEAS, 07.09.2015.



Dear all,
In case you want to help the refugees currently settled in Belgrade, we suggest a list of items that, in our experience and the experience of others who provided their support to refugees, proved to be the most essential

1. WiFi
2. SIM cards
3. Mobile phone chargers
4. Backpacks/lightweight bags
5. Water/chocolate milk..
6. Wet wipes
7. Band aids
8. Analgetics/probiotics/paracetamol for children
9. Sanitary towels
10. Liquid hand sanitizer
11. Diapers
12. Baby food
13. Socks/underwear (for children and adults)
14. Footwear
15. Hot food (barbecue, beans, and the like)
16. Cigarettes/Lighters
17. .....
Nothing too heavy – or too much – they cannot carry much with them…
Any additional information can be obtained at the Miksalište in Savamala, as well as the newly opened Info Center for Asylum in Nemanjina No.3 in Belgrade.
Most of the listed items can be purchased in shops such as DM, Maxi, Chinese shops and fast food outlets nearby.
We suggest that you personally take these to the refugees (Belgrade Bus Station), as we, from our experience, learned that the humane gesture itself means a lot for in a sense of dignity which, given the circumstances in which they find themselves in, they are losing.

We thank you in advance for sharing this information.
Kind regards,
CEAS team