Help house refugees in Belgrade

goFUNDme, 08.09.2015.

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Thousands of people enter Serbia every day on their horrific journey from war-torn countries to the safety of Western Europe. They risk their lives, endure incredible hardships on the way. Belgrade became a place for relative safety and opportunity to receive food, clothes, medical assistance. While hundreds of volunteers, activists, humanitarian organizations from the region have been tirelessly contributing with donations, and trying to ease the difficult journey for those escaping wars and poverty, in the end of the day, families with little babies, pregnant women, and disabled children remain to spend the nights in Belgrade in the parks nearby the railway station. If they are lucky- the sleep in small tents- if not, under the sky, in the rain, in the cold, in the wind.

This campaign aims at helping the most vulnerable families to spend at least one or two nights (this is how long they usually stay in Belgrade before continuing their journey towards Hungary) in a hostel- we want to provide them with a bed (many have not slept in beds in weeks), with a possibility to shower (many children and babies have not showered in days), with sleep in a dignified place so that they can recuperate strength and continue their journey. It may seem like not much, yet roof over one’s head during a cold, rainy night means tremendously much. We have established a system of local volunteers/activists in Belgrade who identify the most needy families (priority given to babies, children, disabled persons) and refugee-friendly hostels that offer them shelter for good prices.

Your money will be spent on : hostel accommodation for the most vulnerable families; tickets for buses/trains that will take them from Belgrade to Hungarian border (we hope that we will be able to organize/support their journeys to other states once the political situation allows it); food supplies for them; possibly taxi/local transportation if the families need to register with the police first (if they are not registered, they cannot be legally accepted into hostel- unfortunately many refugees don’t manage to register upon entering Serbia and need to do it in Belgrade- otherwise their presence is illegal).

We will provide documentation of the assistance on a FB page.